The KyTa U! reminds us of Jack and the Beanstalk with catchy debut love-driven release ‘Fee Fih Foh Fum’

Dropping a foot-tapping single that will seize your concentration rather quickly, The KyTa U! brings us a love story to truly remember for its honest message with his debut single, ‘Fee Fih Foh Fum‘.

Unirah Stubbs aka The KyTa U! is an emerging well-travelled Tennessee-based indie-pop artist who is new on the scene and shows his skills with a release that has your body grooving with a mellow perspective.

Although to many, this giant comes off as scary, to him she’s a beautiful beast and the only thing he needs.” ~ The KyTa U!

With a quickly-spotted imaginative mind that has reworked a classic story that many kids grew up on, The KyTa U! has the kind of style that laces the charts with ease it seems. He effortlessly glides throughout this story that has your attention, as the lyrics seem to find their way on your lips as you hum along with that innocent and often-forgotten joy.

I’ve moved countless times growing up. This was due to the recurring struggles faced at that time.” ~ The KyTa U!

Fee Fih Foh Fum‘ from the youthful new Tennessee-based artist The KyTa U!, is a romantic track that shows us a man who knows who he is in love with now. Despite the challenges presented before, he has realized what is important for his whole consciousness to be in that tranquil state we are all searching for. Sung with a catchy style and featuring a fresh melody that might have you clicking your fingers, this is a top effort from an artist who is still finding his way in this maze-packed world, with so many obstacles hidden everywhere. A catchy single for those who need a break from the depressing news, this will fire up the imagination of so many lost hearts.

Check out his new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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