The Kleyla Family Band – Cursed: Spellbindingly Soul-Laden 70s-Inspired Pop Rock

The Kleyla Family Band – three siblings, one in-law, and ‘one friend’ – hail from Providence, Rhode Island; “Cursed” is a beautiful mix of classic rock, seventies country-influenced pop, and bluesy distorted guitar hooks, all underpinning the stunning, statuesque vocals of classically trained soprano Katie Klayla.

Scorching blues-rock guitar parts, searing vocal harmonies, and a rhythm section fully in the pocket, “Cursed” is equal parts Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Carole King, and Alison Krauss, at once modern and classic, soulful, heartfelt, and rocking.

Hear “Cursed” on Spotify; check out the Kleyla Family Band here.

Review by Alex Holmes

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