The kitchen got too hot: Jesenia shows undeniable greatness with story about vanishing ex on ‘Do Me Like That’

Jesenia drifts through the distant memory of a former lover that made the wrong decision via her spectacularly hot new single called ‘Do Me Like That’.

Jesenia is a Boston, Massachusetts-based R&B/Hip Hop singer-songwriter/emcee who is an artist you need to know about. She projects sultry soundscapes into the sunset-lit sky and makes you feel like you are floating with her- on a calming cloud of love and grace.

This is the vividly descriptive story of how her ex made her feel lathered in open-popping moments and things were going well, when all of a sudden they folded on her like a pack of cards. She sings about shining throughout the pain and moving on, while also remembering how she helped him so much,

When the time came to help her when she needed it most, they sprinted out the door like Usain Bolt. This is the true test of a thriving relationship and to see who is your rock and who is not.

Her dynamic voice is so smoothly delivered and the aura she brings in her mic appears very authentic. This is a strong woman who has been through so much growing up and has seen dysfunction right before her young eyes. She seeks to uplift the sad with music that wets your ears, so it can ease your pain tenderly-even for a few minutes during these tough times.

After finding much success on TikTok recently, the new-found fame hasn’t gone to her head and you can feel the humble nature of a motivated woman that wants to reach the top and do it the right way.

Her intoxicating energy makes you smile and even though the subject matter is sad, you feel like you have just heard a special talent who’s voice transcends into your curious speakers and you feel a warm glow inside your happy bones.

Do Me Like That’ is one of the best songs out there at the moment and Jesenia is here to stay for a while. She shows so much class throughout and doesn’t need to show any ass to reach her goals.

Hear this fast-rising voice of a genuine goddess on YouTube and see how she flourishes with that extra inner self-belief on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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