The Jake Ash Band – Bad Karma: A Masterpiece of Country Melancholy

With piercing melodic harmonies wrapped up in pensive apathy this track is the perfect cocktail of empyreal sadness and sonorous sounds held up by the talent that The Jake Ash Band exudes. Their latest track Bad Karma from their latest album Quick Jab is a sweet sad rendition of deep Country Blues, steeped in the same kind of sadness that you’d expect from a Charles Bukowski poem.

As a complete nihilist, I couldn’t help but love the track that comes with the tagline ‘what happens when alcohol is your only friend’. We’ve all been there, now we’ve got a sweet soundtrack to our apathy. Thanks to the violin against the salt & pepper Country instruments the harmony which resonates within you in parts is just overwhelming. The lyrics are something else entirely, the raw, evocative narration of disdain completes the pure sound of the Boston based outfit who have a beautiful way of putting a sharp Rock edge to add yet another dynamic to their radio-ready sound.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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