The introvert anthem of 2021: Bilal Abbey breezes past the fake hype merchants on ‘Social’ (feat. Clara Kent)

Bilal Abbey drops more truth on the superb new single ‘Social‘ taken off his latest seven-track project ‘Mellowhead‘, that also features his fellow music collaborator and soulfully real singer-songwriter; Clara Kent.

Self-aware Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hip-hop artist, audio engineer, and music producer Bilal Abbey performs his deep-rooted blend of music solo, and also with the hip-hop collective Tribe Eternal.

After being exposed to music his whole life, in fifth grade the bug really bit and hasn’t let go since. By the ninth grade he was already making his own beats and started rapping. From there, the rest as they say, is history.

After studying and recording in Atlanta a few years ago, he used that valuable time to perfect his craft and hone his skills into the sound that he felt fully reflected, what he wanted to portray to the world.

This is the story about how some people are way too social and don’t put enough effort in and just expect everything. This is the voice of the chilled introvert that makes music to be mellow with and keep the vibe just right, the way it should be. There is no flashy swag here, only enlightened mystique that puts your heart in a good place.

With Clara busy manifesting her dreams and singing with a sweetly coasted honey-dipped style that makes your neck and back shiver in exhilaration, this is a combo that packs a hug full of top vibes for your soul to be replenished by.

His easy-going rap style reminds you of that classic old school energy that is sadly lacking in most modern day hip-hop, that is drowned in polluted plastic that does nothing but suffocate the brains of the youth, and has no lasting value. Right here, this is that consciously real music that will be timeless.

Social‘ is an excellent single to start 2021 with Pittsburgh’s Bilal Abbey and Clara Kent are in sensational form on this soulful track that is best listened to with the candles on, wine chilled, and lights down low.

After all, keeping true to yourself is the only way forward while you ignore the fake flashy posers and knowing that they aren’t real at all, is the way to finding your own tribe and to follow your dreams. Real knows real.

Hear this underrated emcee show the kids what quality hip-hop sounds like on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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