The Hitman – Kick Rhymes: A breathtaking Blizzard Of Creative Imagination

The Bronx, NY, Hip-Hop artist The Hitman has overcome many obstacles, both mentally and financially. With doubt from others and little to no income, he had to learn to fend for himself. Fortunately for him, music had become his primary creative outlet since the age of 6 years old when he first began perfoming. Most of the time he has been mastering his writing skills, then later moved on to audio engineering and producing, he even learned to shoot videos professionally.

Kick Rhymes is a sumptuous mind-boggling diversity in two suites, each prefigured by RnB overtures that indicates the artist’s operatic intentions, before darting off all over the musical map.

Alongside with this standard R&B style, Kick Rhymes lived up to the name as it takes the listener on a mild happy journey through the power of its melodic rhymes. The vocal power of the artist makes the song a breathtaking blizzard of creative imagination.

The Hitman is a true music wizard, and a true star. The ambience is bright and breezy, allowing him to explore deeper feelings in plain sight. Whichever angle you approach this song from, there is unmistakable resonance. The Hitman brings back souvenirs for everyone, even if you never knew any of his work before.

Definitely a this a very cool song that’s too hard to hate. It’s got a smooth flow and so very easy to listen to. This is music in place of aromatherapy; sets an easy-going mood with a hint of possible ‘things to come’. It’s a great RnB song that everyone should take a listen to.

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