The Fruitful Journey: Alien of Nature roams free to fulfill his passions on ‘Canyonlands’

Taken off the superb twelve-track release called ‘Motion In Time‘, Alien of Nature beautifully soothes our worries about the darkness away, with the awe-inspiring new single called ‘Canyonlands‘.

Mike Baran aka Alien of Nature, is a fascinating travelling singer-songwriter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is bravely following his full-time music dreams despite this horrific pandemic and is well on the way through the detours, to achieve his achievable goals through sheer driving determination, pure passion and hard work.

With a name that means ‘one’ in Gaelic, you feel the riveting rock, blues, country and folk fusions inside this tasty wrap of creation, that tastes so edible in your happy music palate. This is that authentic sound which isn’t following any fad, but is only flowing freely to find that open road and to inspire others to do what they need to do in life too.

The wanderlust period in his life of 2019-2020 is entrenched into his soul and you can feel his deeply-felt lyrics merge together perfectly, with his crisp guitar skills and soulful vocals that steams up your previously sad mood. His love for his craft is obvious and you can’t help but marvel at the valley of goodness here.

Canyonlands‘ from the currently Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Alien of Nature, walks us through the peaceful terrain, as he sees where he needs to go, in order to be truly happy. From California to the East Coast to his current home, you feel that this is an original musician, who will do whatever it takes to find his happy path in life.

Stream this carefully crafted single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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