The Flight: Berkeley-based Psychedelic Doom act Sound Animal return with ‘End of Neverending’

Blending in an impressive assortment of varying and unorthodox instruments such as tennis rackets, flutes, drones and violin bows on dulcimers, Sound Animal show us that ever-evolving creativity is in the eye of the beholder and anything is still possible on ‘End of Neverending‘.

Sound Animal is an experimental cross-genre Psychedelic Doom/Avant-Garde Metal act based in sunny Berkeley, California. They make that uniquely created music that has you in awe of their creative minds, as they seek new possibilities that haven’t been made yet.

Sound Animal experiments with found sound objects like tennis rackets, plays instruments in strange and unusual ways, such as violin bows on dulcimers, releases singles regularly, is signed non-exclusively with Kryrart label.” ~ Sound Animal

With sounds you probably haven’t heard before, this is a totally innovative effort which has you soaring the skies above, looking for that energy which set you free before, as you find that hidden fire inside you to reach for those dreams most would think are actually silly.

A condor-eye-view of the heartbreaking glory of the perfect but fragile world. Soar the skies above the clouds, feel the devastating beauty. Nothing will ever be the same.” ~ Sound Animal

End of Neverending‘ from the wildly talented experimental Berkeley, California-based Avant-Garde Metal/Psychedelic Doom act Sound Animal, is that birds-eye journey to seeing much more than meets the eye to most. They fuse together different genres and styles into their own sound, which is mightily impressive in this rather copy-cat world. This is the type of song which has you looking a bit deeper – as you soon realize that music will always innovate – if there are enough brave people around, to keep on pushing the boundaries on what is actually possible.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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