The endless search for that healthy balance: ‘Stars in My Eyes’ from the magnetically fabulous Sydney talent Beks is the story of how music can take over everything

Sydney, Australia native Rebecca Callander aka Beks captures the dreams from her childhood to real life, on her indie-pop electro pearled gem produced by Tasker on the uniquely mesmerizing on ‘Stars in My Eyes‘.

This is the true story about how sometimes, just enough trust is okay if you are willing to follow your dreams and be weekend friends with someone close, as you are too busy with life and your music for more. Time is so precious and lots of people just don’t get it and blame you quickly for not meeting up, not matter the reason.

Her voice and style is truly uniquely brilliant as this music video shows Beks at her best. Her music vision shines through and there is no one else pulling the strings here but herself and director Murli Dhir. The various costumes are a pleasure on the eye as she transforms herself and brings out her true character in each shot. Her vocals are excellent and the passion she has for her craft is so welcome to see in this bloated era of fake role models with no substance.

Her massive goals have manifested from vivid dreams and she sees herself playing on massive stages all over the world, finding the perfect label that will put in 100% backing and let her keep her incredible creativity and getting her team together. In a sometimes sketchy music industry with hungry sharks wanting to bite off musician souls for profit, you need a small and loyal team to do things right. After all, reputation should be everything.

Beks is quite simply spectacular on her indie-pop dazzler ‘Stars in My Eyes‘. Her story of how she tries to balance life and music is truly eye-opening and relevant, in our overly fast-paced and distraction-filled world.

Turn this up on YouTube & Spotify, see more from the immensely brilliant musician and fashion icon Beks on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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