The death of genres and the birth of futuristic soul

Labels can be interesting but they can only tell you so much about an act. Hypnotized could be described as “progressive soul/trap-R&B,” it’s all in there, but it is that first word which is the most important. Genre’s can only say so much about a track or artist but if you see the term “progressive’” you pretty much know that expectations should be thrown wide open wide open, that it is music less concerned with the way things used to be done but more interested in doing its own thing.

Hypnotised captures the sensual, late night vibe of the most subtle of soul grooves, a chilled out, après-dance soundscape that just washes over you rather than demand your full attention. Yes, it is pop too and indie-dance, ambient and rap-tinged, it even slowly cloaks itself with soulful vibes and runs on skittering trap beats. Many boxes are ticked over the course of its sonic journey but if Knack was aiming to throw his hat into the futuristic soul ring, well, he has certainly done that.

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