The Crow Family Tell It Like It Is

Music in general, and pop music in particular has always been a great medium for laying town scathing retorts, after all what is the point of getting up on stage in the first place if you have got nothing to say, nothing to get off of your chest? And that being the case, The Crow Family certainly have something to say about the state of the modern music industry. It isn’t the first time a band has felt the need to comment on such affairs but I think that it is something worth repeating and if a proper, competent, eloquent and original working band aren’t the right people to comment on the production line chancers and manipulated talent show wannabes, then who can?

And they do so over a cool pop-rock tune, one imbued with melody and no small amount of groove. Rock fans will love the classic lines, pop fans the danceability and everyone who cares about the future of music will get behind the message.

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