The Court Jester – The Getaway: The King of Alt Hip Hop

It may be a little too early to name my favourite up and coming Hip Hop artist of the year, but the Court Jester has definitely fixed himself a top spot with his latest single “The Getaway”.

It was a risky move to stage a robbery in the prelude to the track. Yet it’s safe to say it paid off after it perfectly set up the lyrical narrative of the track which unravelled under almost primal drum beats and a thudding bassline which any self-respecting audiophile will appreciate. On top of the Swing Jazz infused beats were the Court Jesters slick, relentless Rap bars which I’m pretty sure could rival Eminem’s. The word prodigal gets thrown around a lot these days, yet, I dare say no one is worthier of the praise than The Court Jester.

You can check out The Getaway for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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