The Counterfeit Bills – Matthew McConaughey: The Authentic Alchemy of Blues Rock

The Counterfeit Bills have recently released their debut album ‘Average’, contained on that album was the single that stole my attention immediately. First of all, who can resist a track titled Matthew McConaughey. I mean, the mere mention of the man’s name fills you with mystery in wonder. Which is exactly the kind of open mind you want to keep when checking out the Counterfeit Bills, their authentically organic style came alive through a traditional acoustic instrumental progression. The deftly yet dulcetly played instruments were accompanied by Bluesy Folk Americana vocals which were captivatingly sweet. The repetition of ‘we’ll be alright’ around the up-vibe pops and jaunts of the sonically amplified guitar was actually pretty convincing to the point of resonance. Although, the track didn’t seem to have an awful lot to do with Matthew McConaughey which was somewhat disappointing.

You can check out the Counterfeit Bills single Matthew McConaughey by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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