The Corvideros reinvent spacy Psych Pop with their standout single “Clown”

Bowie may not be with us anymore, but we can take plenty of solace in the fact his inspiration lives on in the unique works of up and coming artists such as The Corvideros. While there’s the perceptible reminiscence to former artists in spacy sticky-sweet psych Pop sensibilities, there’s no denying that the debut album from the Hertford, UK-based trio is powerfully inventive.

The melodic flow of the instrumentals are enough to leave you in a state of catharsis, yet there’s no tearing yourself away from the magnetic pull of the vocals which leave you with very little choice when it comes to getting pulled along with the narratives of their tracks. Which is especially the case with their standout single “Clown”. While each of the tracks on the album offers quaint aural escapism, there is no better introduction The Corvideros’ approach to quaintly stylised Indie Pop.

You can check out the debut album Nothing You Can’t Live Without for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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