That late-night vibe: Storm: Season drop impressive new single ‘My Lover’s’

Storm: Season drift in beautifully with the stunning new single ‘My Lover’s‘ that will have you closing your eyes and imagining the good times ahead in 2021.

With soothing lo-fi, indie-rock, electro-pop and avant-grande all mixed together to make our hearts flutter in the wind, Storm: Season are here to freshen up our moods from this wild time in the world. They make that heart hugging type of music that is a lovely listen for all ages.

The atmospheric start gets you in the mood seamlessly, as you take a breath and get ready for what is next. The clear vocals catch your attention instantly as the lover’s story takes over. This is that romantic tale of wanting to be with her all night and wake up together, so close that you are connected like a phone to a charger.

The electric soundscapes are highly satisfying on this one as they all seem to have that inner connection to fuse together like glue, with a style that is so rare to hear. This is an act that have so many different genres intertwined inside of them, which makes them a unique group for us to immerse ourselves into.

My Lover’s‘ from lo-fi indie rockers Storm: Season is a song that bridges the gap between different styles and is a highly impressive listen. This is a new song to embrace closely with that special one in your life, as you hold each other close and gaze into each others eyes.

Stream this sonic breeze that will leave you breathless on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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