That heartbroken feeling: Jerry G Williams sings passionately about how he ‘Can’t Take The Pain Of Loving’

Taken off his recent ten-track album called ‘Living in My Room‘, Jerry G Williams brings us a hearty piece of soulful music with such meaning on ‘Can’t Take The Pain Of Loving‘.

Jerry G Williams is an indie-pop/rock artist with a heart of gold and he makes music to entertain the crowd wherever he goes. After mainly being in cover bands before, he is now fully immersing himself into being a widely respected original artist.

With a supremely catchy guitar-based start, we are airlifted into a thoughtful place for our hearts to heal again. With a story of a singer who’s head is in the clouds right now as he deals with this sad moment, he is feeling lost in love- as his partner has ended things and he is frustrated with what happened. This is such a terrible experience and you feel like your heart is breaking and you don’t know where to turn. Luckily through music, he can heal up again and express his true feelings and this is an experience that so many of us have experienced.

His vibrant vocals fill you with thoughtful energy as you remember when you last felt like this and what you did to mend your sadness. His vocals are strong and with sultry backing vocals to complement this track, this is a top single with so much to enjoy despite the unfortunate breakup narrative.

Can’t Take The Pain Of Loving‘ from the entertaining indie-pop/rock musician Jerry G Williams, is an enthralling ride through the winding roads of life, love and healing.

When the going gets tough, the best thing to do, is to take time to reflect and make sure that you don’t take too long, to open your heart again.

Stream this lovely single on his Spotify and see more of his adventures on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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