That free feeling: Buddy Wynkoop keep it real on the excellent ‘Real-time Traveling Man’

Buddy Wynkoop are excellent on their latest melodic single ‘Real-time Traveling Man‘, which is taken off their upcoming five-track EP tilted set for 15th January 2021: ‘At the Speed of Conversation‘.

Portland, Oregon four-piece indie-rock/art-punk act Buddy Wynkoop are one of those bands you just can’t help but like. With a fun start that strums in to boost your heartbeat, they take us on a journey about feeling free and doing something most of us love; travelling around and seeing new places, making amazing memories and coming home feeling fulfilled.

Their humble and free-spirited attitude is combined with a sound that keeps you intrigued the whole way through. His vocals are real and honest, the story about how freedom keeps you on a leash is so true in this Big Brother world that is always watching. The band are all clearly in tune with each other and there are no passengers here, only future global travelers.

The unique structure to this song and their music in general, shows that they don’t like being in a boring box, doing whatever everyone else does or what is ‘cool’. They are free-thinkers and this is matched with this quality song that gives you extra energy to conquer whatever this wild time presents to you.

Real-time Traveling Man‘ is an example of what can be achieved by Portland four-piece art/punk rockers Buddy Wynkoop. Freedom will be back eventually and with music like this, expect to see them touring all over the USA, with new fans being picked up all the way. This is after all, that true foot stompin’ music that makes everything better.

Hear the travelling anthem on Soundcloud, see a live version on the epic Bridge City Sessions YouTube and find out more via FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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