That delicious treat for our ears: Portland’s Soft Cheese are scrumptiously excellent on ‘Raspberries’

Portland’s grunge-rocker trio Soft Cheese urge us to lick our thirsty lips on their lead single-‘Raspberries‘-that is taken off their much-awaited 25th December self-tilted LP release.

”Connecting the dots between the heaviness of 90’s-inspired grunge and the fog of shoegaze.”- Soft Cheese

The edgy start is such a breath of fresh air from hearing mask-like music lately. The freshly picked juicy sounds are a pleasure on our timid ears and this is something that jumps your heart like a car battery sparking up after a coma-induced rest away from the world.

Gosh, I love the soothing vocals and he steams the windows as the busty bass-line makes you blush in excitement as the deft drums dazzle the airwaves; to mesh together a marvelously created mixture that doesn’t need any further tonic. The temperature is so right here and this daze-filled atmosphere makes you have deja-vu for a short moment, remembering when this type of music was so common. If this is the rebirth, then we will need a nurse to hold our hand tight as this is a happy journey that hugs the speakers just right.

This is a trio that has more charm in their pinkie fingers that most of us have in their whole bodies. You can tell by their social media that they don’t take themselves too seriously and have so much fun together. They do have big goals however, and being on the right label for them is up the list. I hope they stay indie however and have 100% creative influence always, or work with a team that totally gets it.

There is something classy about this grunge-rock act as they impress the soul on ‘Raspberries‘. Sometimes people don’t get your journey and its lost on them as they selfishly carry on with their lives. At the end of it all, Soft Cheese are here to hopefully stick around for a while and take charge of their own destiny and play in front of thousands of screaming fans, singing every song as if it was their last. Then, they will be the ones blowing raspberries at all the ones that didn’t believe in them.

Stream this awesome band via their Soundcloud and also see their vibe on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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