THADDEUS J – Don’t Love Me: R&B-Riddled Hip Hop

For his latest single ‘Don’t Love Me’ Dallas, Texas-based Hip Hop Rap artist THADDEUS J teamed up with fellow soulfully-inclined artist Jordan Frescher. If you’re a fan of rhythmic harmony-filled R&B driven Hip Hop, you probably won’t want to hang around when it comes to making Don’t Love Me a main feat on your playlists.

With Don’t Love Me you get the muddy, fuzzy synth reverb which is complimented by the resounding rattle and snare of the 808 beats. Whilst not much soul will be found in the digital effects, the vocals and lyrics are a completely different ball game. Despite the name, Don’t Love Me is steeped in romanticism which hits momentously hard, especially in the chorus.

You can check out THADDEUS J’s latest single Don’t Love Me ft. Jordan Frescher which was dropped August 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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