Testify Brings the Funk Like 1979!!!

No, you don’t need to bring out your bell bottoms, but you do need to check out this song. “Testify” is an excellent song from Orange Burn that infuses the elements of Funk, Soul, Rock, and R&B. This is one of those songs that really blurs the lines between contemporary and classic, in a very tasteful way. I would argue that this is one of those songs you can’t help but get into, even if you aren’t a fan of this style of music.

The instrumentation on “Testify” is superb. Percussive stabbing rhythm guitars, the almighty organ, and stellar bass and drum grooves drive this soul-filled track along. The vocal delivery is absolutely incredible with stunningly powerful and soul-filled honey to the ears. The music is a bright patch of uplifting goodness reminiscent of a bygone era. A contemporary take on a classic funky vibe with incredible grooves, powerful uplifting soul-filled vocals, and an overall joy-filled sound make this song such an enjoyable listen.

The mix of collective interests of the band is very apparent, making this song nearly impossible to lump into any single genre. It’s the collaboration of so many influences that give this song such a potential wide appeal. Incredible musicianship, diverse flavors, and powerful hooking choruses give “Testify” a special sonic blend that leads me to say this; you need to drop what you are doing right now and experience this!

Check out “Testify” here: https://soundcloud.com/orangeburn/testify

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