TenAntenna – Hanger Queen; A Rhapsody Of Indie & Alternative Rock

The Tokyo-based Band dropped it once again like it’s hot. ‘Hanger Queen’ is not a heavy metal kind of rock song but rather it’s a super cool alternative rock song.

Tenantenna’s ambient style takes on a character of its own as the vocal explores ways to blend in tastefully as a lyrical instrument, the guitar applies heavy delay effect in the mid-hi range to create majestic open space, progressive and melody-driven bass lines challenge traditional low-fi limitations, and all the while the drums provides a solid rhythmic flow to intricately combine all the elements.

Although the band members come from a variety of background, the melodic harmony of the song still was unbesmirched.

Hangar Queen is a cinematic and epic post alternative rock song. The song also marks the band debut single release. With an international and variety of musical backgrounds, Tenantenna looks to bring new creative energy to the Tokyo indie music scene.

This is indeed a perfect soundtrack kind of song, and more importantly a very good concert song. TenAntenna could do what they do indefinitely, which is great news for concertgoers who love to be walloped in the ribcage with the output of a dozen bespoke guitar pedals. It will probably always be fun to see this band live, just as it’s always fun to see a great character actor put on a show even when there’s no plot and no dialogue to speak of.

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