Tell Me Who You Are: Matthew Solberg wants his lover to break the mental barrier on ‘Wall of Doubt’

Bringing us a delicate performance about self-doubt and how it can transform everything in a relationship, Matthew Solberg sings with that rare emotional significance that will have you knocking down that pesky ‘Wall of Doubt‘.

Matthew Solberg is an emerging Nashville, Tennesse-based indie solo singer-songwriter who writes smartly scripted melodies that strikes at your heartfelt consciousness as he takes you for a gloriously gentle ride.

As he smoothly guides us into this moving story that clearly means so much to him personally, Matthew Solberg delivers a crisp performance that is minus unnecessary bluster and served only with such meaningful grace by a true gentleman. His intricate guitar playing is a marvellous blend of understated genius, that gushes in briskly and give you hope of finding solutions to a romance that is temporarily lost in the winds of change.

Wall of Doubt‘ from the Nashville, Tennesse-based indie solo singer-songwriter Matthew Solberg, is a well-constructed single that has you feeling in a mightily thoughtful mood. Things have veered away from where they were and you wish that it was different, so that you may be connected with your true soulmate just like the universe intended.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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