Telephone Switches has dropped their latest High Fire Boom Bap Track “Ghosts in ‘Em”

“Ghosts in ‘Em” is the latest Boom Bap Hip Hop track from up and coming artist Telephone Switches which comes with enough reverberant bass to shake the cobwebs off your Alt Hip Hop playlists.

The Rap bars run like metaphysical poetry into plenty of mic drop revelations, yet the narratively compelling lyrics keep to their relentless pace allowing you to get lost in the pure ingenuity.

Through the intellect contained in Ghosts in ‘Em alone, it’s a standout hit, but the stylish, atmospheric beats allow the witty sentiment to come with a jaw-drop guarantee.

The dead-pan delivery of the lyrics enabled Ghosts in ‘Em to be one of the most transfixing Hip Hop tracks I’ve heard. And now I’m incredibly aware that I’ve never had the pleasure of describing Hip Hop as transfixing before. Do you need any more of a reason to put them on your radar?

You can stream and download Telephone Switches’ latest single Ghosts in ‘Em which dropped on October 27th via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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