Ted Marengos – Bataclan: Filthily Riff-Heavy Garage Rock N Roll

Ted Marengos released their debut single back in April 2017 as one of the stand out singles from their album ‘Lifts’, and all I can say is I’m disappointed it didn’t great my ears sooner. Their Garage Rock vibe with a twist of Classic Rock N Roll won me over from the very first rolling riff. (I guess that’s why they call it Rock N Roll, right?). The guitar-heavy sound is the perfect cocktail of raucous sounds if you’re looking for something filthy to liven up your Rock playlists.

I can’t help finding myself in awe every time I listen to their debut hit Bataclan for the way that the band have brought the Classic Rock sound right into the contemporary arena. To anyone with a penchant for Hair Metal, I can’t recommend the Brazilian based Rock outfit enough.

You can check out Ted Marengos’ debut hit Bataclan on SoundCloud. Warning: They’ve thrown in a riff which will quite literally make you weak at the knees. I’d probably sit down for the first listen.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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