Ted Hajnasiewicz Releases Heartfelt And Gentle Song, “This Town Is Not For Me”

You know a song is good when with the first few guitar strums you can instantly hear how heartfelt the performance is. Ted Hajnasiewicz’s “This Town Is Not For Me” perfectly exemplifies this, and when the vocal comes in, even though the lyrics are somewhat bittersweet, you can immediately feel a truly heartwarming sensation that lingers throughout the whole song. With such an emotional vocal and guitar performance it is hard not to see how dedicated Ted is towards his music and the messages he wants to convey.

With a perfect balance of Country music elements and Folk, this song is particularly image evoking, especially with the word choices in the lyrics. As the music carries you along you are left with a bittersweet sensation. Partly envisaging the relaxing fields and partly feeling the inner pain and struggle expressed so brilliantly through Ted’s well crafted lyrics.

If you are particularly into brilliant songwriting skills, a perfect balance between beautiful Country guitar sounds and a heartfelt Folk story telling performance, then this is the song for you. Do not miss the chance to support Ted and listen to it on Spotify today!

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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