Teaching The World: Brice Dunbaar is electric on new single ‘BD WHO ARE YOU”

As the soulfully intriguing beat blows into the window to capture your attention, we are introduced to Brice Dunbaar who is on a mission to tell the world that they need to open their eyes a bit further to see the whole picture on ‘BD WHO ARE YOU‘.

Brice Dunbaar, also known as BD, Breez and Maître des Fanfares is a Cameroonian-born, Toronto-based hip-hop artist, poet, drummer, songwriter and successful banker, who is bilingual and raps in both French and English in his spellbinding songs.

”Inspired by reggae, hip-hop, psychedelic & traditional Cameroonian music, I was first introduced to music in my home country Cameroon.” – Brice Dunbaar

He sings and raps with such meaning on this personal message as he has met way too many people that haven’t bothered to look at the world map — as they stay wrapped into their own world and are so tied in — they can’t get out. This is the story about his frustration with this and how he wants to help teach others this elementary lesson.

BD Who You Are You‘ from the multi-talented Cameroonian/Canadian musician Brice Dunbaar, is a story for the world to learn African better and to open your mind. His sound seems to transcend the mood and helps you unwind from all the stresses around.

After being away from music so long to solidify his career, it feels like we are witnessing a man who is going to take this as far as it can go, his passion and talent is highly visible here.

Stream this song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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