Tazmin Barnes – 9 More Lives: A Sticky-Sweet Funk-Deep Perennial Pop Earworm

From the very first notes in up and coming singer-songwriter Tazmin Barnes’s latest single “9 More Lives,” you get the immediate reassurance that you’re being immersed into a uniquely and vibrantly uplifting soundscape.

Rather than using an archetypal Pop beat, Tazmin Barnes infused 9 More Lives with plenty of organically textured Funk and groove resulting in the creation of what has every potential your new perennial Pop earworm.

The offbeat popping rhythms create the perfect platform for Tazmin Barnes’ naturally powerful vocals to rest above as they spill plenty of harmony into the mix. If that wasn’t enough the concept behind the single is infinitely enamouring, we’re all a bit guilty of giving people far too many chances, and that’s exactly what 9 More Lives alludes to. Yet, there wasn’t a hint of naivety found within the track thanks to the unfaltering vocal delivery.

You can check out Tazmin Barnes’ latest single 9 More Lives for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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