Tatono – Wilderness; A new age in resonance with a Trance / EDM

To all ye music connoisseurs and good music enthusiast, I believe you all are already familiar with the feeling that comes to play when you just got your hands on really new song that you’ve somewhat, in your own discretion accorded all the whole accolades of being a specular jam, even when you have zero clue as to what the music will have in stock for you when you listen to it for the first time. You just go with your instinct and move on to bestow on the song you’re yet to listen to for the first time the sole characteristic of a “Smashing Hot Music”.

It’s even more difficult when the artist is entirely new to you.
That “I hope this song doesn’t disappoint me” moment is everything that keeps me interested in satisfying my curiosity when I lay my hands on a new song.

And for the first time, I was literally bemused and thrilled as the same damn time when this strawberry avalanche splashed on my ear.

“Wilderness” is a new age song that’s embedded in an electronic music genre. It’s an all beat song with no vocal but it’s so damn seductive and captivating. It’s a cool pitched music that can get you in a happy mood. If you are a lover of new age music and electronic music then this track is definitely what you should be listening to now.

Tatono did a very nice work in this song and I’m very much impressed with the quality of the sound and the way it was beautifully produced. I’d love to get to see more of his music works.


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