Tall Boys – The David Byrne Song: The Ultimate Indie Ode to the Talking Heads

With guitar progressions which would give Interpol a run for their money, accessibly smooth charm, and plenty of reference to contemporary culture the Tall Boys’ latest single is magnetically stunning. The quaintly titled track “The David Byrne Song” paints a dreamily melodic soundscape which you have little choice about getting lost within. Each aspect of the delicate instrumental arrangement sits in perfect synergy to create the perfect platform for the vocalist to verse about the Talking Heads with absolute concordance. There really is no overexaggerating how ingeniously sweet the David Byrne Song is.

If the production quality on the single was a little more polished, there’s no disputing the track would make for a radio-ready hit. Yet, despite the Lo Fi feel of the single it still has every potential to become your new perennial earworm, and in many ways, it adds to the charm the single oozes.

You can check out The David Byrne Song by the Tall Boys for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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