Talk To Me: J.Raechell grows tired of those pointless circles on Bout Me

Taken from her recently released debut EP called Diary of Jae, J.Raechell shows such radiant energy on her excellent new sultry single to slow dance with called Bout Me.

J.Raechell is a Fairfield, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter who performs with a classy style which is saturated with gorgeous vocals to dream inside.

Take Care is about moving on. In this catchy upbeat pop, with a melodic piano. J.Raechell expresses the anxiety of being held to another person’s standard of what she should be and look like to fulfill their desires. Making a conscious decision to not see the end of a relationship as finite, but as part of her story as an underdog and coming out on top no matter if being seen as the bad guy in the narrative.” ~ J.Raechell talking about her new 4 track release

An underground angel who has just started to open up her wings, J.Raechell is in fine form and seems to galvanize hearts together and lead the way. With poise and love at her fingertips, this is a truly wonderful escapade to wrap our wary souls deeply inside for the better.

Bout Me from Fairfield, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter J.Raechell is a song which many will surely be inspired by. Her head is held high. Eyes flash when this track is played loud, as we nod our heads and keep our energies on the prize. We find a hugely promising creative on display-who projects her vocals to the sky above-as she knows that by staying positive, everything will fall into place.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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