Talia Perez – Successful: Female Power Pop

To say that Los Angeles based singer songwriter Talia Perez’s track is full of her iconic attitude would almost be an understatement, with some of the strongest Urban Pop vocals I’ve heard in a long time it remains a mystery how this stunningly talented performer remains on the underground and not plugging the radio waves and bringing her cascading cacophonies to dancefloors around the world is beyond me.

Her sound is pretty reminiscent of other female icons that millennials got to soak up in their youth such as Christina Aguilera, yet Talia Perez’s beats have infinitely more edge thanks to their stylish licks and stomach churning drops making each verse more delectable than the last.

Talia’s latest track Successful was released late January 2018 and proved that she was the female role model that the Pop scene was looking for. To think the Pop EDM star Is just 20 years old and already has the ability to belt out ballads as well as Aretha Franklin is pretty mind blowing.

Check out Talia’s fruitful debut hit Successful via SoundCloud using the link below:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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