Talented producer Dylan Drendel – ‘Ocean’: As funky as it is cool!

This inspired and confident offering from Dylan Drendel is aptly named. It brings to mind everything that is magical and serene about the Ocean. The musicianship is spectacular in that it pulses with life, at a tempo that is reminiscent of a heartbeat, and the hypnotising classical piano breathes, like a prayerful chant throughout. Dylan digs deep and musically characterises a pulsating, connected, primordial under water organism.

This track is superb in its simplicity and subtlety, and takes no small amount of expert craftsmanship to pull off, but its fair to say that Dylan ’s understated thought process culminates in a luxuriously decadent and calming end product.

Let’s not get it twisted though. Soul is at the very heart of this creation and this track is no shrinking violet. You will want to tap your foot and move to it. It is as funky as it is cool and Dylan has been able to artfully balance the ethereal nature of the theme with soft EDM hooks and baselines. He effortlessly displays an ingenious level of versatility that is hard to ignore.

You’ll definitely want to check out ‘Ocean’ by Dylan Drendel at Spotify. Let us know know what you think. Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott

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