Tal Ornan & The TalorMads – Nobody’s Woman: Delicately Captivating Jazz Blues

Nobody’s Woman is the unpredictably stunning latest single from Tal Ornan & The TalorMads. Even after the first verse has run through, you’re still not sure what to expect from the uniquely prodigal progression of the single. The prelude almost has you believing you’re about to listen to a standard ballad unfold, yet the fluidly compelling composition takes a pensively different direction. The quaint arrangements captivate you through the raw energy of the delicate keyboard melodies around the nostalgically inclined bluesy jazz rhythm. If Depeche Mode took their sound in a more acoustically ethereal direction, I’m pretty sure the end result would sound a little like Nobody’s Woman. Whilst Tal Ornan’s style may not be the most mainstream, it’s clear that he’s a composer and artist worthy of recognition for his soul-steeped beguiling works of alchemically charismatic authenticity.

You can check out Tal Ornan & The TalorMads’ latest single Nobody’s Woman for yourself by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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