Take Over The Rooftops: Future RnB star Bel Elizabeth is rather superlative on her mouth-watering ‘Lemon Drop’

By softly squeezing us some luscious vocal juices to make us blush rather shyly, Bel Elizabeth is back with her second single from 2021 after skillfully teasing us with ‘Ready or Not‘, as we are treated to a tasty treat on ‘Lemon Drop‘.

Bel Elizabeth is a soulful RnB artist and model, who has a stunning voice that you will find rather hard to forget. She makes a deliciously lip-licking blend of soothing sound vibrations, to have you feeling rather inspired again, after a long hibernation from the real action.

Bel has been a professional recording artist and writer for over a decade, having performed at venues like Dodgers Stadium, Staples Center, Zara stores all over the world, and House of Blues.” ~ Bel Elizabeth

This is the sweetly-sung story about getting dressed up so you feel and look good, so that you may conquer what you have to do in order to be successful. You feel her hunger vividly take over the speakers consciousness, her supreme confidence in her incredible abilities is definitely warranted, but doesn’t over-do it to sound arrogant like so many before her. She perfectly mixes her vocal ability and catchy lyrics – which are cleverly backed up by a busty beat – which has you so utterly enchanted the whole way through this sweat-inducing journey.

Lemon Drop‘ from the massively talented RnB/soul solo artist Bel Elizabeth, is one of those gushing tracks you just want to dance to all night. She puts on a sensational display here which is rather succulent for your ravenous soul to lap up with that sweet love. This is that sunrise motivational single to get your goals and grab those dreams all the way to the max, no matter what.

Taking over the rooftops and having that fun time whilst keeping that cash flow streaming beautifully, is the only way to go in this forget-quick world of divine mystery.

Hear her dazzling new creation on Spotify and see what she gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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