Take Me: Dublin-based indie-pop artist Nissu shows us what true friendship means on ‘U’

Featuring well-loved beauty influencer, model and British actress Afshan Azad, Nissu drops the 2nd single from his upcoming EP that is all about bringing your best friend with you no matter where you are on ‘U‘.

Nissu is a Brazilian-born, Dublin, Ireland-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes that extremely catchy music ambience that might be stuck in your head for days on end.

The Music video was shot part in Dublin and part in Wicklow and features a few celebrity cameos. The song and video were inspired by my friend Jessica. When she was leaving town to live in the capital, and she said: “I wish I could put you inside a box to take you wherever I go”. I wanted to make her wishes come true in the video.” ~ Nissu

Nissu shows us that dependable friendship is all about keeping that memory alive no matter what the elements. There is a blooming beat here and a lovingly-made music video to boost our moods. away from the disheartening telly. This is the kind of release that has been conceived with true concern, about that intimate soul who makes everything better when you are sad.

U‘ from the flamboyant Brazilian-born, Dublin, Ireland-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Nissu, is a sweet song all about wanting to be close to your best friend no matter the weather or times. There is a pure vocal experience here from an artist who sings from the heart, on a splendid track that will have your heart feeling so much warmer than before.

See this box-filled music experience on YouTube and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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