Take It: Emilie Thorsby shall certainly slay all night on Dark Wonderland


Making a statement and opening up the door to how the feelings have developed over time, Emilie Thorsby shows us into the masks and a life that certainly hasn’t been easy on the scintillating new track Dark Wonderland.

Emilie Thorsby is a Danish indie pop singer-songwriter who has let it be known that there is a dark soul within these talented veins.

You’re probably wondering why just the black mask, the green eyes and the blood on my hands .. Yes, because of those things, have a symbol, on my journey in music and just how I am looked at, as a human being.” ~ via IG

Stunning our ears and pushing our souls to be free again, Emilie Thorsby is an impressive artist who seems to possess the type of soaring skills that only a real trailblazer seems to understand.

The black mask, is an expression of, no one has really wanted to see, the person that I am, meant in I constantly, is pushed, away by others a bit of a phantom who uses the music, to and be heard, reach out and express who one really is.” ~ via IG

Dark Wonderland from Danish indie pop singer-songwriter Emilie Thorsby is a hugely dynamic single from an artist who leaves nothing on the carpet with this inspiring release. Urging us all to be totally honest and to be ourselves, no matter what, this is a bone-shaking release which will probably give you goosebumps.

In a world with so many smoke and mirrors, this is a welcome anthem for those who need to believe again.

Listen up to this fine new single here and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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