Taichi Ro – Drinking Again: The Chilled J-Pop Artist with the Ability to Smash Every Preconception of the Genre

“Drinking Again” is the irresistibly accessible latest single from Taichi Ro; the up and coming artist who will no doubt be responsible for introducing plenty of audiophiles to the realms of chilled modern J-Pop. From the very first verse, all your preconceptions of J-Pop will be shattered, and by the time you reach the chorus, you’ll be enamoured by the depth and magnetic potency of the melodies.

The globe-hopping artist, songwriter and producer clearly has a deft hand in curating contemporary rhythms which resonate with a vibrancy which I’m fairly certain won’t be matched by any other brand of guitar-led Indie Pop. The beat sits in perfect synergy with the vocals, and even if you are uni-lingual and can’t decipher the majority of the lyrics in Drinking Again, this has zero impact on how hard the cathartic track will hit.

You can check Taichi Ro’s latest single Drinking Again for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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