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Moving On: Nottingham’s Nicole Leaskk ignores the fake friends for good on ’30 Missed Calls’

After tragically losing her boyfriends mother after a 3-year brave battle with the dreaded cancer, Nicole Leaskk tells us the story of those fake friends who said they would be there like you were for them, but now have vanished away like it was a game of hide and seek on ‘30 Missed Calls‘.

Nicole Leaskk is an indie RnB/soul artist, Marketing Specialist, and Yorkshire tea connoisseur from Nottingham in England. She is a wonderfully talented musician who fuses that reflective soundscape about love, loss and heartbreak, through a crisp and passionately inspiring voice and caring lyrics.

It focuses on having a lot of temporary friendships, the kind that was only present when it was beneficial for the other person to be acquainted to you.” ~ Nicole Leaskk

After dazzling our senses on the lovely hometown track ‘Since You Were Mine‘ from February 2021, she feels extra inspired on this sad story about seeing who your true mates in life really are. Her vocals are superbly dynamic as she moves on from the former friends, who didn’t show the love back she was expecting.

It explores the realness of only being able to rely fully on yourself, learning to grow as an individual and knowing that you deserve more than being someone’s option. The lyrics explain everything Leaskk would rather do than taking these persons call and how she’s bored of listening to excuses every month.” ~ Nicole Leaskk

30 Missed Calls‘ from the soulful Nottingham, UK-based indie RnB/soul artist Nicole Leaskk, is that harrowing tale most of us have felt before. You thought you were around loyalty but it turns us they just wanted you for those good times. Sung with a fierce energy – this is a personal effort from a scorned woman – who will not take this betrayal anymore. When you know your self-value and what should be expected, you tend to move past the fake vibes forever.

Never looking back, is the only way to show yourself that you deserve much more when the chips are down.

Hear this deep new track on her Spotify and see her journey through life on her IG fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In The Darkness: SAINTES urge us to hold our souls as some devilish characters are ‘Out To Get It All’

As they intertwine their different interests and stimulating skill sets onto one spicy team to represent the true underdogs, SAINTES bite hungrily into our shocked earbuds and deliver a real plug-and-play winner with ‘Out To Get It All‘.

SAINTES is a fiery three-piece Yorkshire, UK-based indie glam-rock band who certainly have that extra intriguing edge. They are a highly motivated outfit, with something to prove as they belt out tracks strewn with real life stories, and that forthright attitude that is so often lacking in this illusion-filled world.

SAINTES were born over the Covid lockdowns and have only recently started gigging but hit the scene hard with 5 gigs over the Tramlines Fringe festival in Sheffield and have secured support slots for the likes of God Damn, Cam Cole and Tempestt.” ~ SAINTES

For a fairly new band you have to be mightily impressed with their devastatingly explosive sound to the rafters – which is textured with supremely confident vocals – that has you riveted with a thunderbolt to the heart, which is a real gem to savor after a dark year. This is the type of underground track that has your tantalizing body so intrigued, as they bring us a breathtaking single to swim deeply into to.

Out To Get It All‘ from the stylishly-dressed with that gritty Yorkshire glam-rocker sound called SAINTES, is that truthful message that we all need to know about. So many evil souls are out there to grab all the treasure for themselves even if they don’t need it. Keeping your mind alive to that fact is vitally important – as you stay innocent and marvelously excited for the small things which matter – that actually set you free in the long run.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take a break from this madness: Wendel urges us to take a different outlook on laid-back debut lyric video ‘These Times’ (ft. Keith Carlock)

Wendel goes against the current worldly riptide and shows us what attitude you really should have right now, on the soulfully real tongue-in-cheek debut single ‘These Times‘ (ft. Keith Carlock).

Wendel is a London-born, Yorkshire-based singer-songwriter and brought in drummer extraordinaire Keith Carlock to lace an extra element that adds so much to this single.

This is a project that was made during the wild year of 2020 and this song matches those events that we will never forget as a human race.

With a laid-back style that is is all about chilling out, having a few cold beverages and encourages a relaxation from this madness with music that has a jazzy-soul feel. His welcome vocals are smooth and inviting to the listener, the sax makes this song so enjoyable and with quality drum sounds combined with that saucy bass adding a layer of goodness, there is so much to like here through this enjoyable ride to finding our minds again.

These Times‘ (ft. Keith Carlock) from the self-aware Wendel is the true story of not being too hard on yourself right now. As long as you are putting the effort in and doing your best, its okay to sit back on your day off and chill out from the constant barrage of bad news and world events. Your mental health is so much more important than stressing out about things you can’t control.

With a mellow style of lyrics that puts a smile on your face, this is exactly the type of music that will free your mind and help you breathe again.

See this smartly-made lyric video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lilo is so stunning on self-aware ‘Running in the Rain’

UK singer-songwriter Lilo is so stunning on ‘Running in the Rain‘ and sings with growing confidence and is always elegant.

With a voice that is hauntingly beautiful, Lilo is one of those genuine souls that loves making and performing her music to hungry hearts. Her vocals are tremendous, never too much and she is one determined young lady. After learning how to play the piano at aged 4, guitar at 8, songwriting at 13, singing lessons started at 17. She clearly loves music and learning new things so that she can immerse herself into the peaceful indie-pop sounds.

This is a song all about learning to enjoy the present rather than wishing constantly for the future and reaching your end goal. This is such a true predicament and something most of us battle with each day. Living for the moment is the way to go instead of over-thinking everything.

Running in the Rain‘ from Lilo is a lovely indie-pop pure song full of lovely energy that grabs your attention. The Yorkshire-based music is a huge talented and the music is so great to listen to.

Head through to the Spotify page.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Disparate Souls releases latest EP Cryptic Words

Yorkshire-based roots Rock band Disparate Souls have released their latest four-track collection ‘Cryptic Words’ with a mixture of Folk, Alternative Country and Rock.

Starting off with the clasp on the threats of the electric guitar, as the smooth adenoidal vocals come in bringing in the tap on the drums that mellow out in the background. Playing that real country-esque instrumentation, and always filling the air with the pluck of the threats giving it it’s Rock feel.

Each track has its own style when it comes to instruments, introducing a maracas like sound and again that gentle guitar riff that settles in the back. The forth track ‘Night’ uses a lot more synthesised effects with the vocals making them sound more robotic and distorted, adding in a gentle whisper. In each piece it has lots of elements that stand out in their own way.

Disparate Souls has created an anthology that combines three diverse genres of sounds and has made it their own.

Check out Disparate Souls latest collection by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

The Rumble Skulls – Gentle: Romantic Rock n Roll

The Rumble Skulls, AKA songwriter & guitarist Michael Featherstone has just released his latest single Gentle, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Soft and persuasive yet equally ground breaking and dark as he works with his raw talents to create an ode to a lucky gentle soul. It’s a mixed bag of Rock, Soul and Pop and you can’t really argue with the results!

Gentle is a soulful mix of upbeat guitar over a wonderfully orchestrated composition, accompanied by Marcello’s pained angelic vocals. Yorkshire, based The Rumble Skulls have the talent to create a sound stronger than a Yorkshire Teabag. As the track progresses, The Rumble Skulls takes you on a journey of pure emotion accompanied by a cacophony of deftly played instrumentals to create a track you really can’t fault! Having said that, Gentle isn’t a typical track from The Rumble Skulls, their earlier works are infinitely darker which matches their whole Grunge Rock aesthetic.

The Rumble Skulls debut album is currently in the making, due for release in 2018, in the meantime check out the official music video to Gentle via YouTube using the link below:

For more info on the upcoming release of the album check the official Rumble Skulls Website: