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LA-based metal band GreenblacK decides to say no to all the fake noise on the powerful ‘Not Today’

With their 3rd single that sizzles the speakers and heats up your emotions, GreenblacK vows to forever ignore those showoff types who are always exhibiting their minimal achievements with ‘Not Today‘.

GreenblacK is a high voltage Los Angeles, California-based metal band that is led by Haifa, Israel-born lead vocalist/guitarist Yohai Portal.

Like every song we’ve written so far, the process was somewhat backwards. We first created the music and song structure, and only then did I start writing lyrics to what inspired me from the tracks we recorded. There are no specific rules on how to do it. It just happened to be how we flow naturally.” ~ Yohai Portal

GreenblacK sends us into a thoughtful place with a thumping track that is all about realizing that you are so tired of those fake jokers who seem to thrive in a social media world that can take you for a fool. The vocals here are rather full-paced and dispatches your whole soul in a dizzy space, with a soundscape that is raw and just a great listen as you nod your head in agreement with the sentiment portrayed.

Not Today‘ from bass-shredding Los Angeles-based metal band GreenblacK, is a fake-slashing effort that gets a topic off their chest that has been burning deep inside for too long. With so many humans trying to impress when they are actually just lying through life to get money and attention out of others, this is an important message that has you feeling so inspired by this extra loud experience.

Knowing what is real and what isn’t, is the vital key that will open so many doors that can lead you in different directions.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Bring Me Down: GreenblacK roar back at the small-minded souls on the Metal battle scar track ‘Even If’

As the lights frequently flicker and the strong speakers shake up unadulterated delight into the star-lit skyline, GreenblacK fight back at rude people who only think about themselves on the rip-roaring new single called ‘Even If‘.

Founded and fronted by Haifa, Israel-born Yohai Portal, GreenblacK is a full-blooded Los Angeles, California-based indie Metal band.

There is an air of authority here from a world outfit, who seem to thrive with music creations that are all about those important topics that are full of deep knowledge and teachable relevance. These lashing soundscapes projected are boldly loud and ever-lasting proud, the thrashing riffs rivet you in the startled face gently and instantly forces you to shudder happily. The well-sung vocals inspire your quivering ears to open up, as you feel so uplifted by this exploding cascade of euphoria, that is Metal at its purest form.

Yohai’s family is full of artists and creative environment all around. Painters, dancers, movement teachers, architecture, hair and clothing designers and other musicians as well. His first band was at 16 years old and he started playing shows at his hometown area (Kiryat Atta).” ~ GreenblacK

Even If‘ from the speaker-busting Los Angeles, California-based indie Metal band GreenblacK, rips the doors down of anyone who likes to be selfish and small-minded, when actually they have much to learn about the world. With honest lyrics that tells you the truth, this is that ferocious battle anthem about never letting anyone – no matter who they are – bring you down to the dumps of doom, when you are just trying to thrive and be happy in this at-times ugly world.

Hear this powerfully constructed track on Spotify and see more news via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen