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Death can’t touch me now: John Leckenby sings with great faith on the Christian anthem, Promise

Knowing that his life is safe now despite the traumas of the world, John Leckenby is covered by the blood of Christ and has found his purpose now on the hugely motivating new single, Promise.

John Leckenby is a Fresno, California-based indie Gospel artist who shows us that he acknowledges the resurrection and sings with such love and care.

It’s like an anthem for my life,” said Leckenby. “It’s about the one promise that can sustain us in our lives, and that is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Promise from Fresno-based worship leader and songwriter John Leckenby is a stunning song which shall help many find welcome warmth on a cold planet. There is so much drive and honesty here which is so heartening to see as we’re treated to a delightful soundtrack, by an artist who guides us into his current mindset.

Showing us the way to living a meaningful existence, this is the perfect song for anyone who wants to believe again.

If love is all that you need to live happier, surely belief helps fuse everything together.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He Rescued Me: Chicago-based Gospel artist Tiffany Daniels-Hudson feels so free again on Jesus Reigns

Taken off her brand new 6th-track project called Forever, Tiffany Daniels-Hudson tells the story of true faith so well on the glorious church-powered new single to hold hands with called Jesus Reigns.

Tiffany Daniels-Hudson is a Chicago, USA-based indie Gospel singer-songwriter, recording artist and worship leader who also teaches social studies.

Tiffany desires to use music as an avenue to connect with people through her life story and to tell the story of the gospel.” ~ Tiffany Daniels-Hudson

Sometimes in life, you just need to close your eyes and listen to a song on loud. Tiffany Daniels-Hudson leads the way in Christian music with a striking anthem to mend sad hearts with the outstanding Jesus Reigns.

Jesus Reigns from Chicago-based Gospel artist Tiffany Daniels-Hudson is a soul-healing soundtrack for anyone who needs hope right now. Sung so excitedly and projected with tons of magnificent power, this is a graceful effort from the top drawer.

Classy and serene, we find a truly soulful single to embrace while the storms brew outside.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That True Love: Soulful Nigerian Gospel singer Remilekun sends praise to the special ones who do so much on ‘Mama’s Song’

With a truly heartfelt reminder to the Mom’s out there in the world who did all they could for their family, Remilekun sings with so much grace and kindness on her latest single ‘Mama’s Song‘.

Remilekun is a Nigeria/London, England-based indie Gospel singer-songwriter, worship leader, concert leader, fifth of seven children, and a Chemical Engineering graduate. She makes that sterling blend of music from the soul, which is packed full of genuine love, as her vocals shine a bright light of pure goodness.

Dedicated to my loving mother and to all mothers, fathers who stood as mums, everyone all over the world who raise the nations and generations with untold courage, perseverance, ceaseless sacrifice and great love. This is to thank you for all you do.” ~ Remilekun

Mama’s Song‘ from the Nigerian indie Gospel singer-songwriter and worship leader Remilekun, is a rather special effort from a singer and leader who performs with a delightful style. Her intentions are so pure and authentic, as she sends a special message to all those Mothers who often feel forgotten. Times may be good or they may be bad, but through all the days that may lead you to different places around the planet, this will always be a true song to turn to for spiritual guidance.

See the music video here on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen