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The Sky Is Grey Right Now: Isiah & The New People take us deep within the carnage and recovery on Hold On

Telling us a harrowing story which almost ended everything, Isiah & The New People shows us inside Hold On and what happened on that fateful day. This is one of the most emotional interviews we’ve ever done and is one not to miss.

Llewelyn: Hi Isiah & The New People. Thank you for having a chat with us. Firstly, how did you all join together and where can we find you in the world today?

Isiah: Hi Llewelyn, thanks for taking the time to chat as well. Isiah & The New People are just a bunch of musicians from the Wisconsin Great Lakes Region that decided to get together for a jam. We are all from the same city of Appleton, Wisconsin USA.

Llewelyn: Hold On is your new single and this is a deep one. Please let our readers know the story and how is the recovery going?

Isiah: Yeah so Hold On is a new song that came to be after I was involved in a significant car accident. My wife, former bandmate and I were hit by a drunk driver going about 80-90mph. My friend, who I was playing drums with before this recording, was killed. My wife suffered a traumatic brain injury and I broke a bunch of bones and my stomach was dislodged into my chest. The song Hold On in a lot of ways is about managing pain as well as surrendering to the universe and allowing life to unfold as it needs to. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen in life but there is always something to learn in every experience we have.

As far as recovery goes, my wife is on the trajectory to make a full recovery and I am completely healed. Thanks for asking.

Llewelyn: What genre would you describe your music as being inside if you were asked the question by a fan?

Isiah: I’d have to say Western Psychedelic Folk. I grew up listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, Neil Young and Nanci Griffith so it makes sense.

Llewelyn: Life has changed for you. What do you wish to achieve now and do you feel more grateful for each moment in your life more than before?

Isiah: Yeah, I definitely feel more grateful. It’s easier to let things go. I see no point in holding a grudge to the grave. None of us know when we are going to die so it’s best to let things go and find ways to enjoy one another while we can. As far as what I would like to achieve I’d say I have a few things. Outside of just establishing an inner peace and calm state of being, I have a couple projects I’m working on. I want to tour. See the world. Meet different people. Make all sorts of music. I love creating. I like acting and writing and would love to make some comedy sketches. All sorts of stuff but ultimately I wish to achieve a lifestyle that affords me to do these things.

Llewelyn: What does it feel like to make music and does it make your soul happy?

Isiah: Making music is beautiful. Through life we have these traumatic experiences that get stored in our bodies and music has this incredible way of allowing ourselves to release these energies. Music makes my soul happy for sure. It also makes me sad and angry and everything in between. It allows me to feel everything I need to feel.

Llewelyn: If you could travel to any country in the world, where would it be and why?

Isiah: I’d really like to spend some time in Australia. I think I would get along with the people down there. I’m curious if they are that crazy or if it’s just the internet. I need to see with my own eyes.

Llewelyn: Last, are there any bands you would love to perform with on the same lineup? Please share with us the ideal festival or event and what the expectations would be?

Isiah: The ideal festival would be somewhere overlooking Lake Superior with wonderful views and fantastic food. Line up would include Dakhabrakha, Paul Simon, Los Super Seven, Tinariwen, Paolo Nutini, Brulé, and Elvis if he is still alive.

See the single come to life on YouTube.

See more on the IG page and follow the journey.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Hang Ten knows that it’s time to leave this doomed town on ‘Balloon’

Made in a mysterious dark basement, Hang Ten float out their 3rd single of 2022 that follows ‘Waiting‘ and ‘Sitcoms‘, with a dreamy gem to reflect with called ‘Balloon‘.

Hang Ten is a well-dressed Appleton, Wisconsin-born, California-based indie 5-piece pop/rock band who makes a nostalgic groove to move mountains with.

Soaring high and with a powerful anthem to help move any current sadness away from distracting our mentality, Hang Ten has dropped a fantastic new single that will be entrenched in your soul for ages. Such is the quality on offer from a track that seems to fit the mood of the world just right, this is a memorable listen for all the right reasons.

Balloon‘ from California-based indie 5-piece pop/rock band Hang Ten is the type of song that helps you drift away from all the current worries that have been plaguing you for too long. Getting away is the mission, and we are blessed by smoothly painted vocals and a calming production to move you into a more content place.

Life is about flying away like a bird and finding your proper nest, isn’t it?

Listen up to this elevated new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Milwaukee rapper YLS bravely rides by herself to find that ideal home on ‘Solo’

Showing us that nothing will stop her as she searches for that real place that shall set her free forever, YLS shows us her incredible courage to carry on despite losing most of her family on, ‘Solo‘.

Eshauna aka YLS is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist who has had a really tough life growing up and has faced many family tragedies that no one should ever deal with.

She still is on a journey of finding her way through life being alone and hopes to become the next big female rapper to strive through the life struggles she has faced and still facing till this day.” ~ YLS

YLS is one of those underground artists who you feel like you need to support, as her music is so real, it’s almost like you are in a movie. This is how it is for millions, who have had to grow up faster than anyone could imagine. Her courage is boundless and the intense lyrics give you a sense of what the pain actually feels like.

Solo‘ from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist YLS is a song that a generation will understand if they have dealt with a traumatic feeling in their stomach, that can only be explained through music. Rapped with a gritty edge and a flow that shall impress many real fans of this genre, this is a sensational single that shall rattle your senses awake.

Life is about finding your home, but sometimes it takes longer than first expected and that’s okay. We all move in our own time anyway.

Check out this YouTube track to see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Atlanta RnB artist and author Angel Hilson breaks her rules to let them in on her sensual new release, ‘Just This Once’

As her strong defences are brought down slowly to leave it all on the line as she hopes that this endeavour will be totally worth it, Angel Hilson sings with such a sweetly-tipped tone that lets you know that she has been struck down by someone rather special on ‘Just This Once‘.

Angel Hilson aka Angel The Author is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-born, Atlanta, Georgia-based acclaimed author, content creator and RnB solo singer-songwriter.

Flourishing so dazzlingly like a kind angel who has been hurt before but has decided that it’s time to take flight into the rainbow again, Angel Hilson shows us into her gushing heart that has fallen for a caring soul who seems to have intertwined inside her so naturally like no other before.

Just This Once‘ from the multi-talented Atlanta, Georgia-based RnB artist and author Angel Hilson is a loving single from a phenomenally gifted singer and creative who soars up above and takes us for a vintage ride. This is the sweet story about being guarded before – but finding that you might have met someone who makes it all worth it – due to their sensually-invigoring energy that you can’t seem to shake off without sensing that cheeky smile.

Sometimes you get lost in those kind eyes, that lets you know that they are the right soul for you to be meshed romantically with.

Listen in to this fine new song on Spotify and hear more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wait All Night: Wisconsin country act Eric Hagen and Red River Revival can’t wait to get a glimpse of her again on ‘Hope’

Taken off his striking five-track ‘Crossroads Motel‘ EP from earlier this year, Eric Hagen and Red River Revival reminds us that it is possible to catch the eye of the one who you desire no matter how long it takes on ‘Hope‘.

Eric Hagen and Red River Revival is an indie Americana/folk/blues/rock and country act based in Door County, Wisconsin. Led by Eric, this is a soulfully expressive band with an honest touch who create that perfect road trip music.

Hagen has always been around music in some form or fashion. His first words may have even been “Hey Jude”. He grew up listening to records his parents played including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan. Many timeless records still influence his music today in combination with newer artists such as Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton.” ~ Eric Hagen

You feel the calming nature of a truly skilled singer-songwriter who has many a story to tell from his travels. His intricate musicianship is of a really high standard – as his smooth vocals have you lighting the romantic candles – and pouring another cold one with ice, to get the whole picture of this movie-like experience.

Hope‘ from the Wisconsin-based indie Americana/folk/blues/rock and country act Eric Hagen and Red River Revival, is the story of wishing that you could spend more time with her as you feel like there is a special bond. Sung with a majestic tone that towers over all your self-doubts and sadness, this is a wonderful effort that has you feeling so reflective.

Sometimes you can’t be together with that true soul who you want at first, as the timing seems to be off every time. That hope of it finally coming together no matter the time of night, keeps you coming back for more.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wish You Could Of Loved Me Better: Sensational Chicago sister duo CORA show such scintillating class on debut single ‘Homesick’

As they courageously wrote this incredible song whilst their flight home from LAX was delayed, CORA open up their hearts which were sadly broken by two selfish guys who showed their true colors eventually on ‘Homesick‘.

CORA is a captivating Wisconsin-born, Chicago, Illinois-based sister indie pop duo formed by Meghan and Caitlin Foley. They soulfully formulate a lovely blend of excellent music melodies about the struggles of being in love, with the pressures of fake social media always around, as well as the journey to finding themselves.

A few months ago we decided it was time to rebrand and change our name. We chose the name CORA which symbolizes the heart and honesty, which is what we want our music to represent, too.” ~ CORA 

This is the sad story about being with someone who seems sweet at first – but then shows you how indescribably devious they really are – as they are small-mindlessly manipulative and are only thinking of themselves. You take it on the chin for a while and hope for change but then it becomes too much, as you then know that their time is up and you need to escape quickly, before they control you like an evil nemesis forever.

With lusciously intertwined vocals and a close togetherness brewing so brightly like a shooting star, you sense that they are starting a new journey that they have been waiting for. Their mindset is now aligned and you feel like they will always communicate properly from now on. Their loving bond is alive and bright, as they sing so beautifully in unison to also help those who have been hurt by a cruel lost love.

Homesick‘ from the fantastic Chicago-based sister indie pop duo CORA, shows us music vibrations that when you turn on, has your horrid ex stepping painfully onto a sneakily hidden piece of wayward Lego. They have a dynamic fusion together that is so lovingly authentic, and send our reflective minds into a real spin of past flashbacks.

Sometimes you think that you are with the right person who will be there forever, when actually you have just found out that you need a new type. Quickly. That real love is waiting for you however, when you find that special soul waiting to connect with you, in a place you least expected it.

Stream this wonderful debut single on YouTube and see their exciting journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love Is Blind: Philly? aches hungrily for the forbidden fruits on ‘Hypnotize Me’

As he truly desires for the towel to drop so that they may find the electrifying passion which has been missing, Philly? seeks for her to match the feelings that he has deep inside his bones with ‘Hypnotize Me‘.

Philly? is a seventeen-years-young Madison, Wisconsin-based indie alt-rock solo musician/rapper. He formulates that honest music that is always forthright, as he performs with a steel-fortified edge that has him showing us why he is such a worthwhile listen.

At 15 years old, Philly? took on the music industry. Starting by rapping about things that didn’t pertain to him in any manner, on beats that him and his friends made on Soundtrap, he initially gained a lot of hate.” ~ Philly?

With a focused mentality and a smoothly stirred flow that has your heart beating rather unexpectedly, this is a confident artist on a mission to get the girl no matter who, or what is standing in the way.

Possessing a highly motivated tone which is full of smartly-penned lyrics, you feel his intoxicating energy lathering all over this story of craving their touch. He believes that they are who he should chase – even if he could be mistaken by her cheeky charms – which might be meant for someone else.

Hypnotize Me‘ from the youthfully ebullient Madison, Wisconsin-based indie rock/hip hop rapper Philly?, shows us an renewed energy that has transformed him from his previous incarnation. He swirls into your mind with a catchy style which is combined with a quality beat, that easily shows the world his growing self-awareness that is packed with so much potential.

Sometimes you just want your crush to follow the clues, before you grow tired of the loneliness and move on to more welcoming waters. Blind lust can really close your eyes, to who you should really be with anyway.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Helping Hand: Black Jack reminds us that we are all family on ‘We’re Not Alone’

As he kindly urges us all to forget the past and to work together despite our differences, Black Jack sings about the world that we live in that has faced many challenges recently with ‘We’re Not Alone‘.

Austin Hecker aka Peanut, is an emerging RnB and pop artist and Milwaukee Area Technical College graduate from Hartford, Wisconsin. After struggling with addiction issues he has found his love for music again and this is his comeback to what he enjoys doing.

Never shy about displaying his vocal talents, Blackjack started recording his efforts while recovering from active addiction in 1990s. After relapsing, active addiction has taken over his life, his interest in music died along with his heart of what he loved doing. On June 3rd, 2005, Blackjack entered rehabilitation and attend meetings for recovering from addiction. In 2020, Blackjack regained interest in music industry, started writing, recording songs”. – Black Jack

We’re Not Alone‘ from Hartford, Wisconsin-based Black Jack, is the story that we all needed to hear. You might have problems and be different to your neighbor, but deep down we are all similar. We want to love and be happy in a free and fair world, no matter what else has gone on before. This is the story about a brave man who is trying to overcome many issues, and has sent us a message to us all, that he hopes will help someone out there to be inspired.

Stream this new single on his Soundcloud and see more via his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Got Caught Up: St Oshun wants to rewind the pulsating party on ‘The Joint’

Formerly known as The Charles Walker Band who were based in and are one of the most respected acts in Milwaukee, St Oshun change up the flow to water our mouths even more with their tasty new single that will have you reminiscing on ‘The Joint‘.

St Oshun is a Hollywood-based indie-pop act formed by Porsche Carmon and C-Dub. They makes music with a real message and strive to leave their mark on this rather odd world, that needs lots of love so that proper change can be made.

The song offers a message of empowerment to women because the woman doesn’t feel helpless because of her mistake,” C-Dub said. “She is ready to move on and learn from the experience. The song message is, ‘Yeah, I screwed up. We all do. It was fun. It was stupid. Let’s move on.” – C-Dub from St Oshun

The Joint‘ from the luminescent Hollywood-based indie act St Oshun, is a story that started all the way back in Milwaukee with their guitarist Christian. After the song evolved from a love that faded after summer to a story about the repercussions of a hot and steamy one night stand after a few naughty refreshments, this is a track that lights up your mind and reminds you of those youthful times. Moving on is the only way to deal with these moments, as stewing will only thicken the pot and makes you feel bloated.

This is a fresh new single from St Oshun that displays their quality songwriting, energetic beats and stunning vocals – all packed lovingly into one tasteful mix – that is so pleasurable for us to all consume.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dream About Me: Emerging Wisconsin singer Poet22 powers our hearts into a romantic flutter with her beautiful ‘Crush’ (feat. Shakko)

With her first much-anticipated full-length ten-track album ‘Chrysalis‘ on the way shortly, Poet22 teases us gently with her lead single that will have your mind in a romantic state called ‘Crush(feat. Shakko).

Kala Lones aka Poet22, is a Appleton, Wisconsin-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter/poet. Since she was very young, Poet22 has always dreamed deeply and visualized calmly about being a successful singer, who tours the world and performs with such joy.

”It was important for me to be as honest and as vulnerable as possible with this project. I have been so blessed to work with other young Black independent artists like myself, who do what they love and love what they do.” – Poet22

She sings gloriously with such a stunning tone, each word seems so glowing and somehow effortless like she is performing right from the core of her beating heart. This is the cute story about that real feeling inside that you can’t easily explain but just know — as you don’t care if they feel the same at first — but of course wish that they returned the love.

Crush‘ from Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter and multi-talented creative Poet22, has our beating hearts in a game of intense twister, as we feel the interwoven love bow of goodness from this wonderful artist. She gives us a dazzling single that hits all the right spots deep into your preciously designed soul — as you feel all giddy and smile cheekily to yourself — thinking of that person in your life that you care about so much, as they make your heart beat so fast like no other human can.

Stream this soulful single on Spotify and see more visuals on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen