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Tara C Taylor feels the electric energy from the sweaty crowd on, ‘Love Machine’

Looking into those crystal blue eyes that have her attention firmly inside the soul of that sweet lover who makes her heart shudder excitedly, Tara C Taylor returns with a steamy song that feels like is from another era and is called, ‘Love Machine‘.

Tara C Taylor is a Winnipeg, Canada-born indie electronic/acoustic singer-songwriter who is currently residing in bustling Berlin, Germany, and sings with that extra exuberance you are only born with.

Tara’s songs tell stories about lust & love, politics and the many journeys in life.” ~ Tara C Taylor

At her passionate best and seducing the airwaves with her sultry vocals, Tara C Taylor sends a supreme shockwave through our shaking vertebrae and doesn’t stop entertaining with an electric display.

Love Machine‘ from ’80s fused Canadian indie singer-songwriter Tara C Taylor is one of those romantic sizzlers that gets you into the mood to look deep into the eyes of that special human you feel is right for you. Sung with her trademark class and a soothing aura that sends your mind into a romantic place, this is a breathtaking display made with a real edge.

If you’re after a song that alters your mood and gets you thinking deeply about that intended love who you have your eye on, this is definitely the track for you to play loud and proud.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nappy – Came Up: Winnipeg Killer

Winnipeg, Rapper Nappy has blown it out of the park with his debut track Came Up. Other Hip Hop artists can only dream of achieving this effortless flow of energy and sound their first time around. Nappy is the type of artist who you’d happily welcome amongst your favourites in your record collection, his new track hits you, with an instant familiarity. Even if he’s an unlikely contender with his humble humility, yet this masterpiece of a mix proves to be a compelling ambient portrait of empowerment that you’re going to want to stick on your up-tempo playlists.

The synth backbeat almost has a dub vibe through the veracity of the pounding synth mix, with every verse comes a drop, accompanied by one of the freshest unique vocal deliveries that we’ve heard in generations. The transgression of the track is raucous, and chasing, as you follow the unilinear beats you’re encapsulated by the cacophony of well-orchestrated sound. The lyrics, they flow with vehemence, you can taste the sweet contempt in the delivery, never more so than with the spoken word verse that plays as the track meanders to an end. It was a bold move, and for Nappy It paid off.

You can check out Nappy’s brand-new track using the Spotify link below:

-Amelia Vandergast.

All You Need is JSY

Taken from his album Love Drug, All I Need sits at the cutting edge of the modern commercial music vibe. Slow, late night R&B grooves built from skittering beats and swirling electronica, half spoken, half sung intimate lyrics and space and atmospherics adding a whole slice of mystery and anticipation. This is music of the understated, the considered, the restrained, where as many fellow artists working in a similar field would through every trick in the book, employ every studio technique known to man to layer and texture their songs, JSY instead turns to the art of deconstruction and the use of space.

The result is a song so elegant and gossamer delicate in its form that with little else to distract, the lyrics become the vocal point. Music for the late night wind down, the after party chill session or the soundtrack to a romantic encounter, this is what happens when an artist concentrates on the lyrical message and not the musical envelope it is delivered in.

Disraeli Dreamers Release “Little Lie”

Just one listen and it’s clear “Little Lie,” is a relentless genre evolving treat, it’s three and a half-minute explosion of guitar riffs, powerful drum cadences, and pure rock and roll. The lead singer is surprisingly powerful throughout the entire song with sporadic moments of climatic magic. His voice carries with little no studio effects aside from a faint reverb.

I love the feel of this track; the music is a powerful definition of rock and roll. The background vocals blend perfectly and rival some of the more prolific bands of our time. The interplay between vocalist and the guitarist is simply amazing.  This track is a lyrical confession, bursting with manic percussions, and abrasively controlled riffs; it’s a sweet palate cleanser to a genre that can easily become bland and predictable. A solid listen from beginning to end.