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”No Man Like Me” is confident new summer release from RnB Ghana native Juic3Boy

Juic3Boy is in the zone right now and lyrically flows with lots of swagger on his new single. This track has all the summer time energy and lots of imminent slow dancing is expected. This is a R&B release with all the right moves and gets you in the mood for chilling in the sun with your crew and laughing with that special person in your life.

”No Man Like Me” is all about believing in yourself and doing what you know you are destined for. Canada based and Ghana born, Juic3Boy is a name on the rise and he knows it. Fully determined to take charge and make something memorable happen in this music game, he is on the right path to go all the way to the top of the charts.

With a smooth voice and all the right moves, R&B/Hip Hop artist Juic3Boy is a name to watch on the world music scene as this is a great song to make us forget about current worries. He has a way of getting the vibe just right with his silky vocals and sexy lyrics that both men and ladies will certainly enjoy. ”No Man Like Me is destined to be blared out of many a speaker this summer and beyond with Juic3Boy at the front, getting the party started.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Martin And John And Jono And Mama Yeva

9 Pilgrims by Jono Bono Heyes

World music is an odd term, normally used for music which is identified with or at least influenced by the musical traditions of one particular place or culture. But surely it is a term which should be used for music which is the blending of music from across the planet, a sort of trans-global amalgam, a patch work quilt of sonic influences. If that was indeed the definition then  Jono Heyes would be its leading light.

Here joined by Mama Yeva’s striking vocals he makes music which is wonderfully rootless, crosses borders when and where it likes and truly is a pan-global musical blend. West African folk vibes join jazz motifs for a sultry, late night dance and haunting tribal voices fly alongside soaring vocals and the result is deliciously dark, fantastically unique and wonderfully oblivious to  genre or generation.