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Aaron Loveday transports humanity into a new world on Magenta Valley

With a time machine on hand and so much wizard-like skill to swim deeply into, Aaron Loveday is rather impressive on his latest single, which might stimulate the mind to drift into a better place on Magenta Valley.

Aaron Loveday is a Montreal, Canada-based indie multi-talented visionary who fuses in music, art, dance and painting into his wonderful creativity.

Art has always played a huge role in inspiring me to look within myself, to know my true nature, not through institutionalized ways of being, but through direct experience of inner realms, laying the ground work for remembering truth of who we really are, and what we aspire to be.” ~ Aaron Loveday

With sci-fi elements which shall dazzle even the most cynical minds, Aaron Loveday is at his brilliant best on this superb soundtrack to what is out there in the world. Seeking that genuine authenticity in a world which seems so fake this is an anthem for anyone who wants to drift into an exciting new galaxy.

Magenta Valley from Montreal, Canada-based indie musician and all-time creative soul Aaron Loveday is a rather enormously heart-healing release. Steeped in a dreamy atmosphere which might take those worries away, it’s hard to dislike a mesmerizing effort made with true love.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free From Pain: Robbie Vonn just wants to be happy on ‘If I’ (feat. Juliet Lyons)

Sung with such a lusciously elegant style that has your beating heart in quite the flutter as you look back at your own adventures in the past, Robbie Vonn has us reaching for the window to see the beauty in the world that can be hidden by so much darkness on ‘If I(feat. Juliet Lyons).

Robbie Vonn is a soulfully advanced American indie-pop solo artist who performs with a world-class attitude and supremely glorious ambience.

His fine music creations seem to have a rare gift that has you looking for the bright light which wants to find you, that comes after all the sadness from before. There is so much to like about a breathtaking song that packs an honest punch – filling your curious mind with engaging ideas – on how to separate away from whatever is holding you back on fully expressing yourself.

Robbie Vonn, in a simple and elegant way; makes life, loss, and love tangible in his visionary pop sound.” ~ Robbie Vonn

If I(feat. Juliet Lyons) from the always-evolving American indie-pop solo musician Robbie Vonn, is such a quality song that is easy to get lost in. His stylish range of skills comes through on each second projected here, which is only strengthened by a stunning air of class from an enlightened singer who is as sensationally appealing as they come. A truly top-notch effort is in store for your ravenous ears to consume greedily, as you close your eyes and imagine what is actually possible if you get out of your own head.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen