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What I could be: Eric Disiac and Kah Li push the sticky doubters away for good on visuals for ‘Jelly’

Making their intentions known via this thriving music video, Eric Disiac & Kah Li once and for all, let it be known that pettiness and hating has no place in their world on ‘Jelly‘.

Eric Disiac & Kah Li are enthralling Denver, Colorado USA-based indie-RnB artists, who sparkle brightly with a glass-half full kind of captivating music style for our souls to recharge with happily, that helps douse the flames of hate and needless jealously away.

They sing with such purpose and the stunning visuals are so well done, capturing the moment and letting us into their new wave of positive mindsets, that only seeks evolution and success, through the dusty smog of this current selfish world.

These two top artists connect so well on the fine new single, their smoothly delivered voices are on the same page with the story of dealing with fake former friends, outsiders that keep on with their senseless small talk, which only frustrates but will not get them too down.

Jelly‘ from the stunningly pure RnB voices of Eric Disiac & Kah Li, has you reaching for your dreams and making sure that you sweep off any lingering crew members, that are all about themselves and can’t see past their noses. In this life, you need to surround yourself with real humans that back your vision, as you back theirs.

Always be wary of those who don’t clap when you’re winning right?

See the vibrant music video on YouTube and follow IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Taking time to reflect: WD-HAN remind us to always remember those ‘Places’ that keep us humble

WD-HAN drop their latest track and this has so much soul covered within, that is perfect for a much-needed reflection on ‘Places‘.

The three-piece indie-rock outfit WD-HAN have been performing together since 2008 with no lineup changes and feature two married couples- including their manager-and are an example to bands all over the world, as they continue to do what they love and be successful while doing it.

This is the final song off their twelve releases from 2020 and you can feel the poignant nature of the insides of the fabric here. It has been a long journey, full twists and turns, plans changing and lessons learnt. This is a lovely song full of heart and soul, with self-awareness to bring a true message to us all when we need it most.

His voice is so calming and caring, the band feel like they are perfectly in-sync and this is a song made with special love and gives your whole body a powerful boost. This is about keeping in touch with who you used to be and who you really want to be. The excellent percussion, guitar skills and vibrant vocals all intertwine in your tired mind, helping us to reflect and never lose track of who we are deep inside.

This is that classic humbleness, layered with genuine authenticity of how life is meant to be lived and slowed down just right, so that you enjoy each moment and memory, not rush through so the beauty of what is before you is missed in a blink of an eye.

Places‘ from WD-HAN finds a place in our heart and is a powerful track that makes you think deeply and tap your feet at the same time.

After all, it’s all about consistency and sticking at doing what you love without giving up. There will be challenges of course but if you care about each other enough, you will find a way.

Hear this lively new release on Soundcloud and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Uncompromising to the core: Southern Californian alt-rock band Mechanical Roots remind us of ‘Simple Pleasures’

Los Angeles based four-piece outfit Mechanical Roots stomp the ground to shake things up on the brand new single named ‘Simple Pleasures‘.

Their commanding tone is exciting and raw as they demand your immediate attention with their persuasive style that cuffs you to the speakers and never lets go. The sound bellows out strongly and this is a thumping experience that will check your hearing without to the need to go to an otolaryngologist.

The cruising start feels like you are out at the beach with your mates, soaking up the sun in that balmy Californian weather. This is the story about keeping simple and not thinking too far ahead as the world has changed. You know that you need to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Going for those big goals is what you need and to not overthink and just catch that barrel and roll with the sea to drift where you need to head to next.

Simple Pleasures‘ from the LA alt-rock band is a touch of class, everything is done in rhythm and the production is so good. The smooth vocals give you a sense of inspiration and you gotta love the groovy bass and drums that mesh this all together so sweet.

Turn this up on max via Spotify and find out more on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Cali vibe is alive at night: Progressive Pop R&B singer Teasley drops hot visuals for ‘Moonlight’

Freshly cut singer-songwriter Teasley brings us that old school flavor on the epic music video with a twist on his latest track called ‘Moonlight‘.

Teasley is a Pop/R&B musician who has been creating his own lane for a while now. He drops the gears and speeds in with a fine new music video that shows how he isn’t messing around anymore. The time to rise is now and he is ready.

The determined look on his face gives us some insight into what is going to happen next as you can see the hunger from miles away and he rocks in with a pair of sunglasses and well-groomed beard, that gives the ladies heart palpitations.

Moonlight‘ from the stylish Californian artist Teasley is an ode to that old school style that is so lacking in music these days with mumblers choking the heck out of music fans brainwaves for too long now. His smooth voice never seems out of tune and the singer just wants to be with that girl who he cares about.

Being somewhere romantic and under the stars and with good company is the way to go to recover after a long year and he sings with such passion and meaning. This is the type of R&B song to put on late at night when the candles are lit and the sizzling Jacuzzi is close by to be with your lover.

Hit up the hot music video via YouTube and see his fly style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That delicious treat for our ears: Portland’s Soft Cheese are scrumptiously excellent on ‘Raspberries’

Portland’s grunge-rocker trio Soft Cheese urge us to lick our thirsty lips on their lead single-‘Raspberries‘-that is taken off their much-awaited 25th December self-tilted LP release.

”Connecting the dots between the heaviness of 90’s-inspired grunge and the fog of shoegaze.”- Soft Cheese

The edgy start is such a breath of fresh air from hearing mask-like music lately. The freshly picked juicy sounds are a pleasure on our timid ears and this is something that jumps your heart like a car battery sparking up after a coma-induced rest away from the world.

Gosh, I love the soothing vocals and he steams the windows as the busty bass-line makes you blush in excitement as the deft drums dazzle the airwaves; to mesh together a marvelously created mixture that doesn’t need any further tonic. The temperature is so right here and this daze-filled atmosphere makes you have deja-vu for a short moment, remembering when this type of music was so common. If this is the rebirth, then we will need a nurse to hold our hand tight as this is a happy journey that hugs the speakers just right.

This is a trio that has more charm in their pinkie fingers that most of us have in their whole bodies. You can tell by their social media that they don’t take themselves too seriously and have so much fun together. They do have big goals however, and being on the right label for them is up the list. I hope they stay indie however and have 100% creative influence always, or work with a team that totally gets it.

There is something classy about this grunge-rock act as they impress the soul on ‘Raspberries‘. Sometimes people don’t get your journey and its lost on them as they selfishly carry on with their lives. At the end of it all, Soft Cheese are here to hopefully stick around for a while and take charge of their own destiny and play in front of thousands of screaming fans, singing every song as if it was their last. Then, they will be the ones blowing raspberries at all the ones that didn’t believe in them.

Stream this awesome band via their Soundcloud and also see their vibe on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Jersey’s multi-talented Gen Dietzel emerges from the depths of the underworld with ‘Haunted’

New Jersey’s multi-talented Gen Dietzel emerges from the depths of the underworld with ‘Haunted‘. This is a eerily brilliant song that catches you by surprise and engulfs your thoughts.

Gen Dietzel is a singer-songwriter and also a very talented writer who sings about how she feels deep inside. There is a real element of pain in her voice as she unwraps all the things in life that are keeping her soul down in the dumps, waiting for a fresh start. Gen has a style that is so hauntingly beautiful as you get lost in her voice, you look for the cookie crumbs on the floor and follow them. You know the journey is going to be worth it and it certainly is.

Haunted‘ from Gen Dietzel is a scary but brilliant release that captures the mood of 2020 just perfectly. The world right now has been caught in a big messy bottle, with so many terrible leaders, a world that is closed off mostly and the mood is so somber. Being in love is so tough right now too and you feel like you are haunted, nothing is going the way you want it to go.

Her vocals are so unique and you are transported into a dark world that need salvation so badly. Music heals all they say and this is a song that makes you think, makes you sad and inspires at the same time. A rare gift indeed that if nurtured correctly, can only blossom into something beyond, what it was first intended for.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed ‘Ketamine’

New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed new single called ‘Ketamine‘.

This New England’s emerging Indie-Rock band was started originally as a writing project, with one member deployed overseas with the United States Military, and the other two working in the live sound world. This group blends elements of alternative and “blink-182” era pop-punk with the emotional and incisive lyrics of front man Kevin McCord, drummer Ben Shumaker, and bassist/programmer Seth Richardson.

This is all about needing to have someone close to you to make sure that you are okay always. Life flips up and down so fast and the partying can get a bit much sometimes without that support.

We Demand Parachutes impress on the punk rockin’ single ‘Ketamine‘. This is a party-filled jam full of party stories and overdoses with a few hospital visits. The energy is swarming, the guitars full of focus and are ferociously driven to make this is a wild story. The vocals are punk-rock and the baselines will remind you of some of your favorite 90’s bands.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bay Area singer Phil Q steams up the windows with new R&B single ‘Temptations’

Bay Area singer Phil Q steams up the windows with new R&B single ‘Temptations‘ and this is a hot new single from the promising Filipino artist.

With a sultry start, you feel yourself dozing off. When you are with her, the smell of her fragrance has you instantly hooked. Her sweetness is what you are looking for and her voice just makes you melt. Your heart is clearly with her and you want this to work out so badly.

After learning the piano when he was 6 years old, Phil Q is always challenging himself to learn new things. He is determined to show what he can do, guitar or any other instrument. Learning is the way Phil operates. His voice is fantastic here, each note feels like it has been carefully molded.

Temptations‘ from the multi-talented Phil Q is a marvel to behold. This is a fun R&B sultry and seductive single from this USA-based artist.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Atlanta band Rujen are quite brilliant on reflective single ‘Tarot’

Rujen is a Indie-Psych Rock band from Atlanta and they return with a brilliant new single called ‘Tarot‘.

Tarot‘ from Rujen is an indie-neo-psychedelic rock mixture that makes even the best chef blush, They love to create vibrant, densely layered atmospheres of tones, textures, and introspective vocals that swell, echo, and distort with fierce synergy. This self-proclaimed statement is totally true. Not a band to give themselves too much of a big head, they instead make incredible music with heart.

This is all about not knowing what the future holds and life being a big game. There is thunder and lightning everywhere and you need to be on your toes. It’s your time now and this is about doing what is best to make this music dream happen.

I love the soundtrack here. The production is fantastic and I like the softly delivered vocals that keeps you cool and calm. The song is of such standard that this could be in a movie.

Tarot‘ from Rujen is a standout single full of road-trip wanderings that is encapsulated perfectly by this fine Atlanta band.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yacobucci brings us a summer house anthem with ‘Runaway’

Yacobucci brings us house party jam ‘Runaway‘ that has some incredible vocals and a sumptuous beat.

Camden Owen Yacobucci, better known as Yacobucci, is an American who is from Akron in Ohio, USA. Now based in LA to fully get the music exposure his art deserves, this is an artist who will do what it takes to be successful. Whatever it takes is the mantra here, going for what he loves. He wants to know that he gave it his best shot.

Sometimes you just have to runaway, even for a little bit just to be free, You love so much and want to be happy but only with this person. You are best friends and always have each others back.

This is a wonderful house track that builds and builds, you feel the beat so much in your bones and this is such an intriguing song. This is a party song that would be playing live right now in clubs all over the world but sadly due to covid, that is not happening.

Runaway‘ from Yacobucci is that fine summer wine by the pool, there is enough ice and sunshine for everyone. This is such a great song that grabs you by the heart and puts a smile on your face.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen