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The Real Mr B Ft Xei Release “Devil’s Game” – The Perfect Blend Of Hip Hop And Soul

It’s not very common to find a song which features two distinctively different artists who manage to create just the right blend of stylistic elements into one track. “Devil’s Game” by The Real Mr B ft.Xei is an example of such a collaboration which works out so well. It is a rare discovery that not only delivers a strong message through the rap verses but also features sultry soulful adlibs and melodic phrases. With smooth female vocal harmonies in the background creating a vibe nostalgic of the Spooks’ “Karma Hotel” in combination with a chorus that is not only soulful and catchy but also melodically intriguing, Xei colourfully contrasts the rap verses with her authentic vocal tone and melodies

The song starts off with the catchy melodic chorus but a short instance later the rap verse comes in and grasps the listener’s attention even further. With a strong flow that is not lacking in expression, the delivery of these verses is on point and relatable to a lot of people who experienced being the underdog during particular life experiences. Apart from simply speaking about struggles the song also carries a very important and thought provoking message. “Someones God is another ones Devil” Emphasising this statement is also the second half of the song which features nothing but Xei’s sultry improvisational phrases, highlighting her unique vocal timbre while also providing a perfect contrast and balance with The Real Mr B’s rap verses.These two distinctive artists truly come together to form a Jin-Jang balance in music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Zack Free Drops Intriguing Single Ghost

There is a strange playoff between, on the one hand, agitation and pent up energy and on the other a smoothness and elegance of delivery which makes Ghost, the latest release from Zack Free, an intriguing prospect. Whilst the top of the song, the vocal lines and the gentle melodies weave into smooth R&B soundscapes, the busy underlying textures, the skittering percussion, the glitchy electronica and the warped, futuristic soundtrack below set up a strange and beguiling friction.

What in the hands of others might have ended up as just another urban tune with pop leanings in the hands of Zack Free becomes a more mercurial musical journey, one which is as wonderfully off kilter as it is endlessly beguiling. It proves once again that even within the seemingly conquered territory of commercial music it is possible to change the rules, move the goalposts and subvert expectation, well, you can if you think like Zack Free at least.


Designated Drivers Bhagboyz – Crash The Audi

Crash The Audi ties a relentless and ruthless rap salvo to a mid-paced drive built of skittering percussion, pulsing back beats and clever electronic weaves to build a track which bristles with energy without resorting to flooding the track with tricks and gimmickry. And that is the art of it, capturing the energy of the idea and the live performance via the studio process, an art that this Queens trio seem to have nailed down.

And it is the balance of pumping underground cool and far reaching commercial potential which is their greatest asset, chart accessible yet cultish enough for those who like to act as the movers and shakers and stay ahead of the curve, mass appeal yet walking with a select minority, that’s the real trick. And if that is the case then Bhagboyz have things sown up.


LouKnew Drops His Insane Vision Of Modern Hip-Hop

I seem to have been bombarding recently with whole raft of bands  that fall into the broad hip-hop/rap spectrum and who claim to be really pushing the boundaries of what the genre can be as we move forward into a new era. Most, however, have been the sonic equivalent of dropping a hand grenade into the middle of the listener’s expectations and then trying to rearrange the debris into new and pleasing shapes. Sure, you really shake things up, and then some, but you also find that the result is normally, well…a total disaster.

LouKnew has a much more consistent approach. Insanity is the sound of urban music being intensified, inwardly focused, distilled to its essentials and then used to build a dark rap meets dystopian hip-hop sound…now there’s a new concept. The beat and bounce of the music has enough groove to satisfy the mainstream but it is the back streets that he wanders, collecting unexpected musical details and re-appropriating other genres that make him stand apart from his chart-focused competition. He blends trippy electronica, pulsing beats and bass lines, found sounds and fairly progressive structures into his dark urban groove.


Joffery Hollsworth set out to release a brand new song titled “Morning Fog”

Joffery Hollsworth is an artist with a truly unique approach to his blend of music.

Recently, he set out to release a brand new song titled “Morning Fog”. This is a song that showcases the artist’s full range of abilities, as well as his great vocal range and lyrics-writing skills. The songs blurs the lines between hip-hop, pop and R&B, going for a crisp and punchy production value.

This song has a very upbeat, yet smooth drum groove, which blends in really well with the song’s melodies and themes. Joffery’s voice is warm, direct and expressive, with a truly old school feel that echoes the golden age of the hip-hop genre.

All in all, this is not just a great song that appeals to fans of hip-hop: this track has a great laid-back attitude that would appeal to and of all kinds of music. I can certainly see myself blasting this loud when driving in the sunshine this summer!


Urban Label HQ Familia Announce Release of Debut Compilation ‘HQ Familia Presents… HQF001

For the very first time, record label HQ Familia are releasing a five track compilation ‘HQ Familia presents… HQF001’. A playlist of unique tracks across the East Midlands which represent the culture behind British urban music. Based in Leicester, the diverse individuals pay their dues to the music industry, with a promising attempt to portray the reality of modern day society. Embracing civic heritage, each of the artists showcase flourishing genres including UK Hip Hop, Grime, Garage, Future Bass and R&B. From start to finish, an unfeigned story is told which precipitates a variety of emotions throughout. There is not one sole narrative but a range of multiple perspectives shedding light on the struggles of social validity.

Charlie Georgio kick starts the compilation with a feathery proficiency, featuring Josh Notta in ‘You’. The free flowing melody dabbles between contemporary R&B, electro-pop and hip-hop, whilst enforcing a fairly mellow persona upon the track. Whilst this is one of the tracks that doesn’t necessarily focus on physical meaning, ‘You’ has more emotional depth than anything else. Georgio samples soulful characteristics underneath the spell that captivates him.

With a similar style to Lady Leshurr and Nadia Rose, Asher X takes a parallel stance of female grime by diving straight into a self-confidence heads on narrative, addressing the problems she’s faced with the men in her life. This track is the opposite of sympathising, and praises the strength and courage Asher X reflects as a woman where she exposes the wrong doings of men. Rather than permitting herself into grief, she jumps onto the offensive, making ‘Do One’ a track of total exclusivity.

As the compilation progresses, more genres are experimented. SunSun teams up with Harri Georgio producing a hip-hop and dub-garage style of track. ‘Waste My Time’ evolves into an energised anthem, where the synthesizing drums blur the lines of traditional hip-hop. The fast tempo component that flows freely with the dub resonance is what lifts the track up into a dance classic. And the endowed duo doesn’t just stop there, with lyrics that enforce relatable clarity, they are able to tune in with their audience.

The chemistry between the production of the tracks and the personal depth concealed is eminent, and as we reach a close to the compilation we have experienced new heights of emotions. The final two tracks share a correlation of a softer electro-rnb beat. Maniscooler and Dubdeep test the waters, integrating an electronic pulse with a debonair style of rap and untroubled vocals in the hook.  It’s only natural the tone of the track is delicate, when rendering the crucial aspect of relationships in ‘Boyfriend’. In comparison to BLG’s ‘Which Way To Go’, the tone of the track becomes bleak and cynical. BLG toys with down-tempo electronic blips to enforce a heightened effect, whilst the backdrop surveys a haunting presence throughout the track. The struggle of friendship and brotherhood goes hand in hand with the surreal tone, drawing a different perspective in contrast to its neighbouring tracks of the compilation.

HQ Familia Presents… HQF001 is the first release of many to come from HQ Familia and will be available via all major media providers. More information about each of the artists and any upcoming live dates can be found on their social media pages and information about the label itself can be found on their official website here.

Track Listing & Socials
1. You – Charlie Georgio ft Josh Notta
2. Do One – Asher X
3. Waste My Time – SunSun x Harri Georgio
4. Boyfriend – Maniscooler x Dubdeep
5. Which Way To Go – BLG ft Jafro (KamakazeTwisted PennysCorneliusSane Skitza)
Words: Aly Mchugh




A&R Factory Present: Faiza

She’s proving herself to be the next diamond out of the 6.

Toronto based artist Faiza emerged on the music scene back in 2014, with the release of her debut self titled EP. As soon as we heard about her latest single and video, we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.

Her new single “Body Babe” has fresh sound and is nothing short of a smash.The fun and raw party record displays women confidently expressing their sexual agency without shame, it offers a refreshing take on the idea of “friends with benefits” to the Nextflix and Chill world we now live in.

The music video is set in a loft-style room with hues of blue and party vibes that will keep you going all throughout. Her infectious voice layered on top of the catchy melody will drive you to get attached to her musicality as soon as you reach the chorus.

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