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Authentic Bros – Traveller: Explosively Sublime RnB Hip Hop

If you haven’t checked out Birmingham, UK Hip Hop duo Authentic Bros’ standout track “Traveller” yet, you’ve missed out on some of the freshest Rap to drop this year.

Their explosively sublime mix of big-beat, Grime, RnB, and Dance comes together as a hyped smorgasbord of complementary elements. Yet, it’s so much more than your average genre-mash with the infusion of Eastern rhythms which refreshingly mix up the monotony commonly found on the airwaves.

I would compare Authentic Bros to other artists, but no artist on our radar has ever dropped an earworm quite like Traveller before. It’s layered, it’s soulful, it’s pioneering, and most of all, it’s perceptible that the artist put accessibility in the heart of the mix. The melodies may be distinctive, but that doesn’t prevent them from taking hold as they create the perfect platform for the Rap bars which run like spoken word poetry.

You can check out the latest track by Authentic Bros for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


DOUG C JR – This, Babe: Silky Smooth RnB

In 2017, up and coming R&B Soul artist DOUG C JR made their debut with the silky smooth single “This, Babe”. Despite the ambience of the soundscape, This, Babe hits incredibly hard through the melodiously ethereal instrumentals which create the perfect platform for DOUG C JR’s naturally magnetic vocals.

Each syllable offered by the lovelorn lyrics resonates with conviction, and it’s practically impossible not to succumb to the potent servings of soul as DOUG C JR switches their vocals up from baritone reverberance to harmonic highs.

In all honesty, it’s R&B music which I hit play on with the most apprehension because so frequently it unfolds as assimilation of exactly what has come before. But with DOUG C JR’s authentic and original offering of unadulterated Soul, there’s no doubt that there’s a space for his sound on the airwaves.

It would be an aural crime not to see another release from DOUG C JR in the near future.

You can check out This, Babe for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Barry Wilson Music – Persuasions to Enjoy: A Quaintly Mesmeric Urban Genre Mash

I have a feeling that Barry Wilson Music’s latest single “Persuasions to Enjoy” will go down to the music buying public like marmite. And that’s absolutely what I love about the single.

It’s a little awkward, and that’s not even a criticism, there are teams of urban artists trying to stamp down their slightly nerdy style with Hip Hop, but no one does it quite as inventively as Barry Wilson. For Persuasions to Enjoy the Cork, Ireland-based artist teamed up with vocalists Shaool and Kala who both brought distinctively refreshing offerings of harmony. Instrumentally the single is sporadic, yet the elements of Jazz, Funk and Neo Soul were seamlessly weaved together.

Head on over to Spotify to hear Persuasions to Enjoy that was official release on October 19th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


DynamicMP – Insomnia: The Ultimate Urban Lullaby

If you’ve ever had insomnia, you’ll know that it sucks. Thankfully, DynamicMP’s single Insomnia is much sweeter. The East London based artist created one of the most conceptual beats that I’ve heard from any Urban soundscape in a long time.

The concordantly mesmerising piano prelude seamlessly introduces the track which slides into a slightly R&B Pop arena before you’re hit by the full Grime Trap momentum of Insomnia. As sweet and sensual as DynamicMP’s crooning is, your full respect for the up and coming artist is handed over when he kicks into one of his Rap verses which prove that London based urban artists will always raise the bar when it comes to haunting and gritty lyrics. How he managed to keep the piano melody running throughout the duration of the track so seamlessly against the rest of the harsher electronic instrumentals was enough to win me over alone.

You can check out Insomnia for yourself by heading over to Spotify now, you can also check out the rest of DynamicMP’s 6-track 2018 EP ‘Rise’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Issa Bibbins – Undiagnosed: An Aural Offering of Urban Trepidation

Undiagnosed gets off to a trepidation start; the tentative progression of the latest single by Issa Bibbins doesn’t fail to grip your attention and drag you into the heavy sentiment of the slow and sonorous R&B Hip Hop track.

Undiagnosed is steeped in raw, visceral melancholy as Issa verses some of the most honest lyrics I’ve heard in a long time as the beat runs through with ambiently cathartic fluidity. The lyrics to Undiagnosed alludes to the effects of violence and gun crime on communities and across the globe alike. Whilst we have heard many tracks tackling this issue as of late, there is something poignantly devastating about Undiagnosed. The usual kicks and snares of the 808’s get mixed up with classical strings to amplify the heart-wrenching sentiment which is entrenched within the lyrics. By the time the track has ran through, you’re left sobered yet uplifted by the beautifully orchestration which Issa Bibbins has brought to life with his soulful Urban style.

There aren’t too many Hip Hop artists pouring as much soul into their tracks as Issa Bibbins; that’s just one more reason why you should head over to YouTube and check out the official music video for yourself.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Rokyøøt – My Statement: Urban Guitar-Driven Hooks

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of checking out Rokyøøt’s debut track ‘Big Time’, it’s safe to say I haven’t forgotten their prodigally fresh sound since then. The London based artists combination of guitar hooks and rhythmic rap flows isn’t something that easily alludes your memory. Rokyøøt’s latest track My Statement is a resounding offering of Alternative Hip Hop that could only have ever been born out of London. If the Arctic Monkeys think they’re conceptual with their latest album they may need to check out Rokyøøt to see how a successful Indie Hip Hop crossover works. If they can pack that much of a punch with a two minute track, I’d love to hear what they can lay down in an extended track. The recording quality of the track may be a little Lo Fi but for me that just seems to add to the infinite texture of Rokyøøt’s ever evolving sound.

You can check out Rokyøøt’s latest track My Statement on SoundCloud now and join me in the bitter-sweet anticipation for their next release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Marenikae – Gidi: Soulfully Grinding Urban Beats

I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of immersing myself in an Afro Merge beat, thankfully Marenikae’s latest single Gidi was the perfect introduction to the sensual, soulfully resounding soundscape.

Rather than just creating yet another R&B Soul Track, Marenikae took a prodigal approach to her sound and created a track that will stay with you for long after it fades out. It’s grinding, it’s alluring and it’s getting added straight to my playlist. The international sounds that were weaved into the mix create a multi-layer sound that are impossible not to get caught up within. Marenikae’s vocals are soulfully full of attitude, pride and attitude. If that isn’t impressive enough, Marenikae writes all of her own music and uses her melodic vocal timing skills which she polished as a spoken word poet. It’s safe to say I’ve found a new idol in Marenikae.

You can check out Marenikae’s latest single Gidi on SoundCloud now, which is just one of the standout singles from her album AJEBUTTER which was released in April 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast




New Blends In Urban Music

If R&B is built around sleekness and Hip-Hop comes from an edgier place then they find perfect union in 77cousins musical creations. They manage to blend a slick urban vibe with a slow rolling R&B groove and the heavy kick of hip-hop backbeat. And whilst it is easy to level accusations of self-aggrandisement at many artists working in similar fields today, Long Time manages to mix up heady and soulful sounds with street level sassy and a whole slice of humour, when was the last time music managed to encompass all of that in one take? This is actually right on target and also perfect for both the commercial market and the more discerning, underground listener.

If this track shows that they know how to pen the perfect genre-fluid song, the album it comes from really opens things up and proves that they can take their music in almost any direction they like, rooted in the same core elements of soul, hip-hop, trap, electronica and R&B but not afraid to push those sounds into fascinating new territories. Even in the crowded urban musical scene 77cousins are certainly one to watch.


Artdayn – Home Movie: An X-Rated Synthy Ensemble with Plenty of Soul

Artdayn is the brand-new musical project by Miami based urban artist Daynel Artiles. His fresh new synthy approach to RnB & Soul is one that I can definitely get behind. His debut track Home Movie is a pulsing mix of contemporary 80’s sounds narrated through unfiltered gritty lyrics that really put this Synth Pop RnB ensemble in a league of its own. Not one element of this track is understated, the thrashing, swirling chaos of the track encapsulates the essence behind the track which should probably come with its own PG warning. Artdayn started his project in 2017, each of the singles he’s brought out runs with it’s own elemental fury, his genre-defying sound gets mixed up every time he puts out a new track. Yet Home Movie is without doubt my all time favourite hit produced by Artdayn. Every second of the 4:40 track is an atmospheric experience of the pure aural alchemy that has been so deftly produced. The almost haunting intro leads you into a labyrinth of complex Electronica layers which really make the listening experience a palpably sonorous experience.

After listening to Home Movie, I realised that this sensually composed masterpiece may just be the only overly X-Rated track I could really immerse myself in. With its pinch of romanticism against Artiles veracious sexuality Home Movie could only be described as stunning. The tentative pacing which is strategically placed around Artiles raunchy Human League-esque vocals is enough to get anyone hot; if the breakdowns and build up’s don’t leave you needing to catch your breath, you’re probably a little dead inside. The orchestration that created the resonance between the Soulful and earthy vocals and the carnality of the beat stands as testament Artdayn’s bordering on genius rhythmic talent. Perhaps what I adore the most is the versatility in the vocals, he switches from a soaring vocal range to a pensive flow which really allows you to swallow the melancholy on offer through the lyrics.

Home Movie was released at the start of 2018 and has not failed to get the attention of Urban music fans. The tracks universal sound is beautifully resonant, so it should come as no surprise that Artdayn’s fans are falling over themselves to praise the South Florida artists sound.

I have no doubt that a record deal isn’t on the cards for Artdayn if he keeps putting out dope tracks to the same standard of Home Movie, the tracks perfectly polished production results in a dope hit that you’d have to be pretty broken not to appreciate.

South Florida residents may have already been introduced to Artdayn’s sound as he’s made quite the name for himself as the singing Uber driver. I mean, what better way to put your music out there than bringing your passion into your day job and dousing unsuspecting passengers to a rendition of music with infinitely more soul than you would find on the radio. If Artdayn doesn’t get signed, there is something seriously wrong with the music industry. Before watching his micro car concerts, I had no idea that Artdayn was going to be so enigmatically charming. The singer songwriter and graphic design artist is most definitely the whole package with his inspiration to positively influence his listeners lives with his music. After checking out Home Movie, he’s most definitely made an impression with me.

To check out the sublime X-Rated track head on over to SoundCloud

Or you can head on over to Artdayn’s official Website to check out his earlier mixes and videos of him wowing his passengers as he takes them on a journey of pure RnB soul.

You can connect with Artdayn & show your support on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


RT releases debut single; Gunz and Roses Ft. Ceize

When the feeling is right, the music goes a little bit overboard to take absolute control, and in that moment the beat becomes hallucinogen. This song will leave you with such feeling when you listen to it.

Anyways, with the right talent, attitude & character, success becomes inevitable. This song is a perfect example of what you might wanna call “The-Right Banger-For-The-Moment”. RT (Real Time) has been surrounded by a massive genre encompassing range of music whilst growing up, and he brought all those influences together on his debut album; ‘Rated RT’.

Gunz and Roses Ft. Ceize is the first single from his upcoming album and RT’s debut single.

Trust me; you’ll be splashed by a strawberry avalanche on this one – right from the very first seconds you hit that ‘Press Play’.

If after your first 15 seconds of taking a listen to this song and you still didn’t smell some sort of sprinkled afro-pop icing on this cake over here, then you definitely haven’t been acquainted to that special kind of sound that comes from the east-side. There’s this sensational feeling and vibe that comes with music with such pedigree, you just can’t help but love it.

Just imagine what a song by Nonso Amadi will sound like when Emmy-G makes a cover of the song in a cool afternoon studio session. Now that’s how you’ll get something very similar to ‘Gunz and Roses’.

This artist is evidently so talented and to even think that he’s got a good taste for dope beat makes this song more spectacular. RT cites Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Notorious BIG and 2Pac as his idols and biggest inspirations in forging his own unique music career.

The title Gunz and Roses contains its own connotations, the song itself is about the “Yin and Yang” of life. Taking inspiration from the legendary Rock band of the same name, “Gunz” refers to the negatives in life (hate, war and violence) however “Roses” signifies love, nature and growth, all the positives in the world.

The melodious hook of the song is enticing and very beautiful. The rap style, the lyricism, the flows and the rhyme are all double checked. This song is an incredible creative piece that could subtly pass as a new success mantra. Nice piece of work here from RT. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

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