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CAIN – Trust Issues: Candidly Poignant Urban Indie Poetry

Urban Indie newcomer CAIN has recently released their debut self-titled EP providing 5 exceptionally raw singles which combine elements of Hip Hop, Electro Pop, and Indie.

The best introduction to his sound is the standout single “Trust Issues”, I mean, we all have them, don’t we? It’s either that or naivety. There may not be all too many artists who are willing to admit it quite so candidly, but that’s just part of the New York solo artist’s quintessential charm.

Even though the lyricism and CAIN’s vocal style simply oozes melancholy, the Hip Hop beat infuses plenty of energy into the single – especially when you get to the chorus where Trust Issues evolves into an EDM Pop soundscape before bringing the tempo right back down. In short, Trust Issues is an emotive rollercoaster of a hit which stands as a testament to CAIN’s futuristic talents and dedication to creating music which does plenty more than just skirt around issues of superficiality.

You can check out CAIN’s latest EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drayn’s Electronica-Heavy Urban Indie New Release

Drayn have just dropped their debut album Storybook, the verdict? The Denver based duo have created the ultimate collection of uniquely organic, sweet urban Indie soundscapes which seem to defy every genre label known to man. Slapping a label on their sound almost feels like an insult, so instead, I’ll tell you that you can expect some electronically tampered melodic rhythm with the perfect amount of Trap attitude to make sure the concepts behind their prodigal project really resonate. When it comes to the lyrics, there’s equal amounts of ingenuity as there is soul.

Each one of the tracks on Drayn’s first album flows with its own momentum, yet the one which really caught my attention was Hypnotize, which was true to the title and carried hypnotic waves of resonance which swelled over the mix to create a mid-tempo, uplifting harmony. Hypnotize gives a visceral indication to Drayn’s playful, inventive style. The track’s production is relatively Lo Fi, yet this just serves to make the overall effect of Hypnotize a little more accessible.

You can check out Drayn’s track Hypnotize for yourselves by heading over to Spotify where you can also find his 18 track album Storybook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Just Jillian – Free Radio: A Composition of Compelling Urban Indie

What Day Is It by Just Jillian

I don’t think Jillian gives herself enough credit if her chosen name of Just Jillian is anything to go by. If anything, she’s the whole package and you couldn’t possibly ask for more from an alternative Hip Hop Folk Pop artist. With her latest single Free Radio Jillian teamed up with the sickeningly talented Rap artist Redkin tha Ancient to create one of the most compelling urban indie compositions I’ve had the pleasure of introducing my eardrums to this year. Midway through the track, the reminiscence of Just Jillian’s vocals to Stevie Nicks’ hit me. She has the same sultry prowess of the iconic performer, yet there was something about Just Jillian’s stylised approach to sound that made her vocals infinitely more warming. The Toronto based artist clearly doesn’t construct her sound around any boundaries of genres with her delectable infusion of Indie, Folk, Pop, Hip Hop and Rock all into one hauntingly resonant track.

You can download and stream Just Jillian’s latest track from her latest album What Day is It via BandCamp.

Stay up to date with Just Jillian’s latest tracks by following her on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast