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JMP tore through the façade of fallacy with their latest rap track, Don’t Lie, featuring Zinc and Sofia Kafas

JMP’s latest feat of genre-fluid alchemy, “Don’t Lie,” featuring Zinc and Sofia Kafas, seamlessly fuses trap beats into a melodiously mellow atmosphere. As the lush reverb ebbs and flows, it envelops the listener in a rhythmic embrace, guided by the unique chemistry each vocalist brings to the track.

Sofia Kafas’s soulful voice adds a layer of depth and emotion, contrasting with the grit of the grime-y bars. Their harmonies paint a vivid picture of the narrative at the heart of the song – the detriments of deception. What truly sets “Don’t Lie” apart is its cultural richness; the bilingual verses shatter the monocultural mould, adding an exotic twist to the RnB lyrical rhythms.

Don’t Lie was unveiled as one of JMP’s most dynamic releases to date. The trio of contributors, each with their distinct style, unite under the theme of sincerity and truth. The result is a compelling track that resonates on multiple levels and is a reminder of rap’s capacity for storytelling and emotional depth, making it a standout release in JMP’s repertoire.

Don’t Lie was officially released on February 26th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

J Swave waxed lyrical on the cyclicality of capitalism with his soulfully smooth rap track, Round and Round

UK rapper J Swave is a conduit of soulful innovation in his latest track, Round and Round. With ethereal backing harmonies which resonate as though they’ve just been torn from the sunset of an ambiently exotic deep house track behind his steady and captivating canter, the track unravels as a profoundly melodious commentary on the unyielding demands of capitalism.

J Swave, with his Nigerian roots and diverse background, has consistently demonstrated his ability to resonate with a wide audience. His debut EP, III Styles, and the mixtape Catch the Swave have already set a high bar, but Round and Round elevates his artistry to new heights – far above the standard set for underground artists. The track’s cross-over commercial appeal is undeniable, with a melodic sonic signature almost hypnotic in its gravitational pull.

Going beyond the hot-headed anger and opting to verse emotionally charged poetry that delves deep into social issues, it’s effortless to become consumed in the introspection. His verses are a poignant subversion of the medieval theology that love is the central force in the world. In Swave’s portrayal of the UK’s capitalistic dystopia, it’s not the measure of the heart but, lamentedly, the weight of one’s wallet that defines a man.

As the backing vocals provide a hauntingly beautiful contrast to Swave’s grounded, rhythmic flow, the track entwines euphonic magnetism with a provoking stimulus for the mind. It’s a track that not only resonates with his growing fan base but also stands as a compelling invitation for new listeners to explore the depth and versatility of his music.

Watch the official music video for Round and Round, which premiered on December 13th on YouTube, or stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Timmy – Speedy Gonzales: A Gritty Testament to UK Rap’s Evolving Landscape

Timmy’s latest track, ‘Speedy Gonzales‘ is a dark, gritty, and profoundly impactful testament to his burgeoning dominance in the rap scene. His ability to press the right lyrical buttons and pluck at the rawest melodic heartstrings is evident throughout the track, which is driven by Timmy’s impassioned delivery and the haunting, ethereal backing vocals that seamlessly blend with his grime bars and drill beats. It’s a vignette that takes you through the highs and lows of urban life, reflecting on the diminishing value placed on human existence.

The track’s pace is relentless, mirroring the artist’s namesake, Speedy Gonzales. Yet, it’s the depth of the lyrics and the sombre sonic imprint that truly sets this song apart. Timmy doesn’t just rap; he tells a story, painting a vivid picture of the struggles and realities faced in the streets. His words are convictive, cutting through the noise and leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

The track is a bold statement from an artist who is clearly not afraid to speak his truth. As the final beats of ‘Speedy Gonzales’ fade, you can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation for what Timmy will do next. His talent is undeniable, and his ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level is beyond compare in the UK’s underground rap scene.

Watch the official music video for Speedy Gonzales via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lil Zino tore the stigma out of ‘PTSD’ with the drill debut of the year

After racking up over 206k streams on the official music video for his debut single, PTSD, and becoming a viral sensation on TikTok in the process, East London’s Lil Zino stormed into the rap scene with one of the strongest debuts of 2023.

With melodic minor key pseudo-trap instrumentals setting the cinematically melancholic tone, the atmosphere was set for Lil Zino to pour vulnerable candour into the track with his stonily steadfast vocal delivery which runs through in a magnetically paced cadence. While some rappers wear their trauma like a badge of honour, Lil Zino is adding nuance to the narrative by exhibiting the weight of scars, becoming one of the most authentic drill voices in the process.

There’s no understating the evocative pull of the track that projects an intimate vignette of the violent event, which led him to finding a necessary means of expression. By keeping his composure while painting a stark picture of the harsh realities of East London’s streets with his blunt bars, Lil Zino delivered a hauntingly affecting release, which will stay with you long after the outro.

Stream PTSD on SoundCloud or watch the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK Flow Queen, TAYLOR-LEIGH, Lit Up the Airwaves with ‘Jig Up’

By bringing witty brutality to her bars and an infectious sense of playfulness to her beats, the UK flow queen TAYLOR-LEIGH lit up the airwaves with her latest lyrically lascivious track, Jig Up.

To assert the authenticity in her sonic signature, TAYLOR-LEIGH kept her vox in the grime and garage arena while the keys almost brought a neo-classic touch to the RnB-esque melodies to deliver a boundary-less track that breaks down sonic barriers while ticking every hip-hop box.

There’s also a strikingly clever duality within the lyrics; when TAYLOR-LEIGH isn’t running through with tongue-in-cheek antagonism, she’s demonstrating her emotional intelligence that will undoubtedly embolden any woman who encounters this seminal track.

Jig Up was officially released on September 4; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fats & JM went on a ‘Mad One’ with their infectious EDM rap hit

The Azerbaijan-born British rapper and songwriter, Fats, mashed up his talents and his infectious tongue-in-cheek charisma with his co-collaborator JM to deliver the ultimate house party anthem, Mad One.

After a solid serving of sun-bleached acid house beats, Fats subverts the transcendently tranquil tones with his wit-sharp garagey rap bars and bass-drenched rhythms. Between his cleverly enticing cadence and his lyricism that carries the perfect amount of antagonism, there’s no resisting the magnetism of the monolithic drop.

If anyone deserves to go as viral as the Blackout Crew did in 2009 with Put a Donk On It, it is Fats. A month after the drop of the official music video for Mad One, it has already racked up 95,000 streams on YouTube and has been added to plenty more high-profile Spotify playlists.

We would usually say get on it while the hype is hot, but it’s unlikely that Mad One will stop being the hottest EDM drop of the summer anytime soon.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Mr Streetz set the bar for other UK rappers’ bars in the first single from his dynamically soulful LP, Wins & Bosses

Mr Streetz

With the soul of Hozier, the grit of Stormzy, the instrumental flair of Rag’n’Bone man and a charisma that is undeniably his own, Mr Streetz created the ultimate hustler hip-hop track with Rags to Riches, taken from his upcoming album, Wins & Bosses.

For the last few years, motivational rap tracks have peddled some dangerous tropes through the fetishization of working your fingers to the bone in ‘the grind’. Mr Streetz provided a more realistic account of an ascent to greatness, which organically makes his driven demeanour that has left success in his sightline since his debut infectious.

After making his debut during lockdown, the UK rapper has dropped 25 singles, three EPs and one album. To date, he has garnered over one million streams on YouTube and 700,000 on Spotify. With his single, Fish in the Sea, garnering over 200k streams alone. There is no stopping his momentum now.

He may be relatively fresh from his debut, but he has already perfected the art of commanding the mic by pouring an equal measure of soul, conviction and wit into it. His bars set the bar for every other UK rapper looking to make a distinctive mark.

“This album is a dedication to all the youngsters who grew up in the late 1990s early 2000s who wanted to be like the bad guys in gangster films, idolising that lifestyle and the money they made.”

The Wins & Bosses LP will officially release on February 24th.

Until then, get your Mr Streetz fill through Rags to Riches on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bradley Foster advocated self-love and responsibility in his hazily optimistic hip hop track, SOMEDAY

For his latest single, SOMEDAY, the UK hip hop luminary, Bradley Foster, collaborated with the sensational neo-soul vocal dynamist, Izzy Foster. The jazzy earworm is driven by Foster’s introspectively insightful bars that find the perfect position in the mix above the hazy hip hop beats, which will undoubtedly be a hit with fans of Kendrick Lamar, Little Simz and Loyle Carner.

Optimism may be in short supply these days, but Bradley Foster brought it by the smorgasbord in SOMEDAY, which makes a compelling case for self-love and eases you into the enlightenment through kaleidoscopic grooves.

With his debut LP, which flows in the same vein as SOMEDAY, in the pipeline, adding Foster to your radar is one of the best acts of self-care you can do for yourself today.

Here is Bradley Foster’s take on his latest release:

“SOMEDAY is the lead single from my album, expressing hope and self-belief. I was inspired to write this song after coming back from Sri Lanka, where my perspective shifted, and my mentality progressed into a state of wanting to address my problems and grow.”

Check out Bradley Foster’s latest single on Spotify & SoundCloud.

Keep up to date with all the new releases via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK Rapper, Nosa outlined the line of good and evil in us all with ‘bad moods’


With an intro of jazzy hip hop nostalgia fed through warm saturated tape delay, slipping into Nosa’s latest single, bad moods, is easier than breathing. While the melodicism of the instrumentals lulls you into catharsis, the Dartford-based rapper’s tranquilising vocal timbre pulls you deeper into the dreamy production which wraps itself around admissions of vulnerability.

Nosa used bad moods to remind his listeners that we’re all fallible, but that should never be a source of shame; it should be the cause of our own accountability. After the globe glued itself to the Johnny Depp trial in complete denial that the line of good and evil exists in all of us, bad moods couldn’t be more of a timely drop. Any fans of George the Poet and Kae the Tempest will undoubtedly want to make a playlist staple out of bad moods.

Bad moods will officially release on June 15th on all major platforms, including Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JoeJas unveiled the hottest hip hop single of the summer with ‘Sally’s Last Dance’

It’s all in the vibe in the London, UK-hailing rapper and producer, JoeJas’ latest single Sally’s Last Dance. His charisma has always been unapologetically his own, but the endearingness of it knew no bounds in this cute and nerdy music video, which sells exactly what sets JoeJas apart, his infectious glass-half-full attitude that is contagious enough to start a new pandemic of optimism

If Andre 3000 and Daft Punk hit the spot for you, JoeJas will hit it even harder with his colourfully urban art-conscious instrumentals and honeyed RnB hip hop vox.

The official music video for Sally’s Last Dance officially premiered on the 30th of May. You can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast