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Elousive – The Classic: The Art of Evocative Hip Hop

Elousive isn’t your average Hip Hop Rap artist, he’s a breath of fresh air to the monotony of the scene. In his debut single The Classic, he sticks his teeth into the soul of the genre with a poetic offering of lyrics that flow with passionate ease.

The progression of his debut track offers an infinite amount of momentum for you to get caught up within after he tells the time old tale of staying on the right path and striving towards success as a rap artist. Yet through his innocence, you can get a sense of the humble determination that has brought Elousive this far with his music.

I have no doubt that with the right opportunity Elousive will be able to rise above the underground and join the likes of the other contemporary greats in R&B and Rap.

The beat behind his track The Classic, has a Trap sentimentality behind the vocals, with a soft and almost calming rhythm, making the talented rappers debut track the perfect track to unwind to.

You can check out Elousive’s latest track The Classic via Spotify using the link below:

WilStar – OH LA LA: Drip Drop Dope

The inability of most rap artist to breathe creativity in every line of their work is something all good music enthusiast and loyalist can’t help but complain about. So many things have really changed in the rap game these days, it quite seems to be all about jumping right in the boot to record a song the moment the music producer finally hit some nice chords combo to put out a cool beat.

Whatever happened to music with a good intent of addressing a problem?

It ain’t always about cooking up a well-penned cuss/ diss track or spitting those heavy bars while trying to sound like a lyrical prodigy at rap cyphers. Trust me, this Hip Hop song ain’t nothing like what you’ve heard in a long while; it couldn’t have been sang any better.

Apart from that simple but yet captivating “She be Like Oh La La” chorus that softly adds more happy vibe the song, another thing that’s very hard to miss is that brilliant sound that hurls off every iota of uncertainty as regards the validity of the song’s quality, miles away each minute the song plays.

The Flow of the music and the lyrics are also well punctured and organized. It’s really nice to know that Wilstar is still fresh in the industry and I presume he would be able to pull out more dope songs in his subsequent work with ease.